SprayPal Splatter Shield

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$ 25.00

The Spary Pal splatter shield is the perfect tool for keeping your cloth diapering messes at bay. Easily clean and spray your soiled cloth diapers with out overspray and splashes into all surfaces of your bathroom! 

Simply connect snaps to create triangular shape, clip the the soiled diaper under the front clip, and use your Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer or other device to remove solid and liquid waste on your cloth diapers, cloth trainers, mama cloth and more! 

When rinsed simply detach snaps and squeeze out excess moisture and place your rinsed cloth diapers into a wet bag or diaper pail until you are ready to launder them.

This thorough pre-rinseing at the toilet helps keep cloth diapers from sitting and growing bacteria while they are waiting to be laundered and cuts down the amount of work and duration necessary for washing machine cycles. 



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