Sensory Play Sessions

$ 2.00

Join us at The Natural Baby for Sensory Play where each week we will highlight a theme for sensory play for your child to be surprised, delighted and educationally stimulated to help introduce new concepts for your child growth and brain development.
Enjoying Sensory Play in a group setting also helps parents to build a sense of community and collaboration and helps young children practice and learn how to play with others from a young age. We love to foster open play from a young age with mixed age groups and a variety of manipulatives.

Young infants are always pleasantly pleased to play with textures and contrasting colors and shapes. Some sessions that are extra unique for infants that are under 4 months are tummy time on a textural (soft, squishy, or ridged rug) while they can see and find contrasting objects like felt shapes, bright colored toys playsilks, or their care providers face. Getting down on their level is a great way to encourage tummy time and stretching and movement while in the floor. 

Older Infants who are beginning to sit up independently up to crawling enjoy playing in the floor with single groups of objects at a time. Blocks are an ideal sensory tool since they can experience hard objects and start learning about the rules of our world like gravity, object permanence, and observing differences between colors, textures, and shapes. As a caregiver, you can use clearly articulated words and repetition to describe and dictate for your child what they are experience to help with making early language connections. (EX 1:Child grabs a block. Caregiver says clearly and distinctly "Block" ... "Block") Ex 2: Child points reaches for the Red Silk in a pile of colorful silks. Caregiver says clearly and distinctly "Red" or "Red Silk")

Toddlers that are up and moving and walking, climbing and running are more likely to enjoy moving pieces and building, constructing & deconstructing. One of the favorites at this age is block towers. using a combination of materials (hard wooden blocks and soft  cloth/foam blocks), various shaped blocks (all wooden blocks but some cylinders, cubes, bridges, cones etc) Any toddler will also enjoy the pure joy of deconstruction, demolition and the thrill of crashing blocks on a hardwood floor! ;) 

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