Planet Wise Lite Wet Bag

$ 12.95

Planet Wise Lite Wet Bags are a single-layer, PUL bag that is designed to hold your stinkiest and wettest messes with out leaking. The seams have been sealed and the zipper closure at the top help to ensure that nothing escapes the bag until you are ready to launder. 

The Planet Wise Lite Wet Bag is also "lite" and as the name suggests can be tucked away easily into a pocket book, diaper bag, glove box, or simply attached to any small handle or door knob. You can even attach the wet bag to your diaper changing table to make clean up even easier and convenient. 

Planet Wise Lite Wet Bags also feature the popular Best Bottom Diaper prints... now your diapers and wetbag can match!

When your bag is soiled, simply add to your diapering laundry load into your washing machine. Wash with cold or warm water and detergent and allow to air dry or  tumble on a low to medium setting.  No bleach or additives.

    • Each bag features a coordinating lead-free locking zipper, and snap handle for easy carrying.
    • Bag measures about 13.5" x 15.5"

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