OsoCozy Cloth Diaper Sprayer

$ 39.95

  • Easily rinse excrement off any cloth diaper.  Makes laundering diapers easier and not as messy.
  • Just moments to install this sprayer. Adjustable spray nozzle and shut off valve included.
  • All necessary parts included for an easy installation. Special tools are not needed to install to toilet.
  • Can be used for personal hygiene.

Make diaper laundry a little breezier with the OsoCozy Diaper Sprayer! Even stubborn messes come away with the adjustable pressure nozzle and cleaning power. 

Rinse poop off in the toilet to avoid messy hands and save the mess from your washing machine. 

Carefully angle the sprayer at least 60 degrees and hold the diaper blow the rim of toilet for prime results. 

This tool is useful for less diaper pail odor and cleaner diapers after wash, and even making cleaning your toilet easier! 

Shut off valve is perfect with little curious ones around. :)

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