One Size Diaper Rental Packages

$ 130.00

Diapering your child is an act that happens many times over the course of your new parenting days. It is also an act than can really start to add up to amount of waste and trips to the store you make unless you are cloth diapering your child. 

Most younger babies will go through at around 10-12 diaper changes a day. As baby gets older and begins to eat more at a time that number dwindles to a low average of 5-7 diapers a day.  It is one of the single most common things you will do as a parent, next to feeding and and hopefully sleeping and one of the biggest ways you can make an impact on the health of your baby's skin and impact the output of waste. 

Let The Natural Baby help guide you into cloth diapering your child with our one size rental program to make sure you have cloth diapers that will fit your growing child from about 8 pounds and beyond, so that you can build your confidence in cloth diapering to a successful and rewarding cloth diapering journey!


*** One Size Diapers start fitting babies around 8 pounds and start fitting best at closer to 10 pounds and up. One Size Diapers also typically max out at around 35-40 pounds *****


Looking for something smaller? Check out our Newborn Diaper Rental Program!

Looking for something larger? Contact us and let us know what your needs are! 



Why Should I Rent One Size Cloth Diapers?

1. Cost

Disposables diapers cost about $0.30 a diaper change. Multiply that by our 12 week rental time and that can really add up!  

Average cost of a disposable diaper $0.30


The Cost of Disposable Diapers


12 weeks

2 years






A full time, one size cloth diapering pack like 28 diapers from our rental packages, brand new will cost anywhere from a minimum of $500-$600 and that is a big investment if you aren't positive you will love the diaper's performance, fit and use in your everyday life. 

Typically children will learn to start potty learning around 2 years old (give or take). If you consider that age for the cost of a one size set of cloth diapers ($500) spread out over 2 years:

This is one of the best reasons to rent your cloth diaper set to make sure that any investment you make in cloth diapers is one that you will love and use daily.

2. Added Convenience

A load of laundry every other day is no sweat versus a trip to the store for diapers PLUS you get the added convenience of returning your diapers.

Plus, typically cloth diapered children are less likely to develop diaper rashes and are less likely to have "blowouts" as compared to when in disposable diapers. 

3. Get Started in One Size Cloth Diapers 

Babies are relatively easy to cloth diaper so what better way to test out diapers that could work for your little one than with our one size cloth diaper rental sooner rather than later?

Our primary goal in offering this One Size Rental Program is to help families get started using cloth diapers and make sure the cloth diapers that you purchase for your little one are ones that you enjoy using, that fit your baby and your lifestyle, and most of all fit your needs.


How does the One Size Cloth Diaper Rental Program Work?

1. Select your package.
2. Pay a refundable $100 deposit.
3. Complete and return our Terms and Conditions
4. Your order is shipped according to your selected time frame.
5. Use, wash, and care for the diapers for 12 weeks
6. Need more time? Add on 4 weeks for just $20!
7. Return all of your rented diapers and receive your security deposit back as long as diapers follow our Diaper Rental Terms & Conditions, OR
Put your security deposit towards purchasing your cloth diapers from your rental package.

All Packages Include:

  • 28 New or gently used one size Diapers, fully prepped by The Natural Baby
  • 2 large hanging wet bag
  • 24 reusable cloth wipes
  • roll of disposable diaper liners (you keep)
  • cloth diaper safe rash cream (you keep!)



Rental Packages Options:

One Size Mix & Match Standard Package; $250
5 One Size Diaper Covers 
12 One Size Diaper Inserts, microfiber
12 One Size All In One Diapers
       -Thirsties One Size All In One
       - bumGenius Freetime One Size All In One
       - GroVia One Size  All In One
4 One Size Overnight Diapers (GroVia ONE)

One Size Mix & Match Premium Package; $300

5 One Size Diaper Covers 
12 One Size Diaper Inserts, cotton 
12 One Size All In One Diapers
       -Thirsties Natural One Size All In One
       - bumGenius Elemental One Size All In One
       - GroVia One Size All In One
4 One Size Overnight Diapers (GroVia ONE)


One Size Standard All In One Package;   $375
24 One Size All In One Diapers, Microfiber 
    - bumGenius Freetime All In One 
    - Thirsties One Size All In One 
    - GroVia One Size All In One 
4 One Size Overnight All In Ones (GroVia ONE)

One Size Premium All In One Package $425
24 One Size All In One Diapers, Microfiber
    - bumGenius Elemental All In One 
    - Thirsties Natural One Size All In One 
    - GroVia One Size All In One 
4 One Size Overnight All In Ones (GroVia ONE)

Email us with questions about our Diaper Rental Program options, and preferred customizations at   info @ thenaturalbaby . com

At check out, please specify your desired arrival of your diaper rental package. Please allow a minimum of at least one week for processing your rental and finalizing paperwork, and one week for shipping as a general time frame. 

After your completed checkout terms and conditions will be emailed to the email address provided. 

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