Flip Cover

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The Flip One Size, Hybrid Diaper Cover is the perfect waterproof diaper cover that can be paired with any cloth or dispoable insert that works best for you and your family!

An "All In Two" design means that you can reuse the waterproof cover and change the cloth inserts which means a more flexible diapering option that saves even more money as compared to pocket diaper and all in one diapers.

The generous sizing of the cover means that just about any insert will fit and the simple sizing means the Flip Diaper cover should fit from about 8 pounds typically until your child is done with diapers. 

Simply change out the soiled inserts and re-use the waterproof Flip Cover and watch the savings from cloth diapering pile up!


Looking for a more convenient diaper change? Try the bumGenius Pocket, the bumGenius Freetime or the bumGenius Elemental!

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