Dolcino Woven Baby Carrier

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The Dolcino brand stands for stands for the highest quality and safety, for dealing respectfully with nature, people and for ecologically sound products. Dolcino baby carriers are designed and produced completely in Germany and Switzerland subject to high ecological and social standards. They are made in Switzerland using 100% organic cotton & non-toxic dyes. They are woven lengthwise and crosswise to create diagonal elasticity & have diagonally-cut ends for a smaller knot when tied.

The Dolcino wrap is also a non stretchy woven wrap that is great for being hands free. You can hold your baby in the Dolcino wrap from birth up until around 60 pounds. Unlike other wraps, the Dolcino wrap has NO stretch! So once you put your wrap on, your baby will stay put and not become loose or start to become saggy. The Dolcino wrap is the perfect choice for when your baby outgrows a regular cotton baby wrap. Due to the woven cotton, there is much more support for an older baby or child


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