Clover & Birch Wood Toy Cleaner

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency indoor air can be just as toxic than the air outdoors, in part due to toxic fumes emitted from household cleaners. Imagine cleaning your child's toys with one of these type of cleaners and them them teething on it!

Clover and Birch's "Keep It Clean"Wood Toy Cleaner is safe and all natural. Made with organic distilled white vinegar and peels from organic citrus fruits : grapefruit, lemon, orange, and limes, plus a few drops of lemon essential oil, this wood cleaner will leave your favorite wooden toys clean, fresh, and ready for your baby's mouth again. The vinegar smell dissipates and you are left with the light and fresh citrus scents and a good clean toy once again! 

To Use:
Gently shake bottle and lightly spray the surface to be cleaned. 
Wipe down the toy and focus on areas of note (corners, crevices, and more) 

Ingredients: distilled white vinegar, citrus peels from grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, lemon essential oil

4 oz bottle

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