Clover & Birch Deer Teether

$ 15.99

Your teething babe will love this adorable deer shaped wooden teether. 

This piece is sure to be an heirloom piece and a favorite not only for baby for you as well. The shape and thickness is easy for baby to grasp and the shape has many places where baby can access teething gums for some sweet relief and helping emerging teeth erupt. 

Clover and Birch's Deer Teether is made from maple hardwood and has been finely sanded for a super smooth finish. The embellishments on the teether are burned into the wood and then the entire teether is polished with organic coconut oil.

To Care for Your Natural Wooden Teether:
Hand wash with hot water and a gentle soap or you can use the Clover & Birch "Keep It Clean" Toy Cleaner.
As sheen and finish fades, reapply a polish of coconut oil or a beeswax based cream to restore your teether's finish and luster.

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