Cloth Fixin's Mama Cloth

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Handmade in Athens, Georgia with Love by Elyse. 

Ease the impact of your period on the environment and your pocket book with reusable cloth menstrual pads. These hand made items are made from bamboo, cotton and fleece. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and also custom orders are available!

Panty Liner : 2 layers of thin Bamboo with panty snap attachment. 
Perfect for those super light days or as a safety net when using a menstrual cup. Also can configure to wear with thongs.

Small Pad with Wings: Perfect for your ordinary to light day. Edges keep you dry and everything is attached to a stay dry fleece layer with panty snap attachment.

 Regular Detachable Pad: This is for your heavier days or extended wear when you need a little more security. These have snaps underneath water resistant layer and 3 layers of bamboo and attach perfectly to the "Just Wings". Wear the Wings all day as you switch between regular detachable pads.

Just Wings: Detachable Regular Pads pair perfect with these wings.

Overnight: Thicker, longer pad attached to wings. Similar to Small Pad with Wings, but with a thicker more absorbent bamboo liner. Noted by their blue stitch!

Small Wet Bag: Stay dry snap closed small bag, just big enough for two mama cloths and discreet enough to hold inside your purse or diaper bag. Available in green or blue.

Mama's Kit Small: 

2 detachable pads, 1 wings, 1 pantyliner, and 1 stay dry bag to store all your mama cloth needs.

Mama's Kit Large:

2 detachable pads, 1 wing, 2 regular pads, 1 pantyliner, and 1 stay dry bag to store all your cloth mama needs. 


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