Cloth Fixin's Family Cloth Wipes

$ 6.99

Ready to save money and start using reusable cloth wipes in place of all of your household paper usage including toilet paper and baby wipes? Look no further than the ultra soft, easy to clean Cloth Fixin's Family Cloth!

Reusable Toilet Paper
Just wipe or dry self after toileting and collect in a reusable bag, basket, or pail and launder as needed. Not only will your delicate parts thank you for the switch but you will notice it in the pocket book as well. 
The average American person is said to use around 57 sheets of toilet paper per day  and for a family of four you might spends an average of $25 /month on toilet paper alone!
Once you start calculating for other variables or additional family members (plus the toddler that unwinds the entire roll in one sitting) the cost can really add up!

Other Uses:

Reusable Facial Tissues
Reusable Baby Wipes
Reusable Sanitizing Wipes

Why Reusable "Family Cloth" or Cloth Wipes: 

- Perfect Portions : Large enough to cover the need yet small enough that children can keep portion control 
-  Reduce Paper consumption for environmental concerns & modeling environmentally savvy behaviors for children 


In stock orders ship immediately. Backorders may take up to two weeks to fulfill and ship
Custom and Bulk Orders available. Please email with your specifics inquiries and requests. Most order can be filled with in a week or two. Larger orders may require special supplies and could delay turnaround time.

Custom stitch colors also available. Great Idea for marking certain wipes for certain purposes. 
(ex: green stitching for facial tissues and nose blowing/wiping, black stitching for wiping after toileting, etc)

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