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* Flip Potty Trainer Shells do not include inserts.

 Meet Austen

Jane Austen was one of the most popular authors today and has many novels that are considered timeless classics. She pushed Realism in a time of Romanticism and talked about themes of feminism before anyone else did. Being before her time and enacting change, Austen has made it to the Genius collection. 


    Genius Series: 

    Geniuses dare to discover, dream, invent, create, think and explore uniquely.
    Albert Einstein was quoted by describing genius as the ability to simply. You will definitely be inspired by geniuses when you explore the line-up of Geniuses and their endeavors and the diapers to match.

    Albert Einstein  : Physicist
    Ada Lovelace : Mathmatician 
    Steven Irwin  : Wildlife Expert
    Wangari Maathai  : Environmental & Political Activist
    Jules Verne  : Novelist 
    Lewis Carroll  : Writer
    Audrey Hepburn  : Actress and Humanitarian
    Charlie Chaplin  : Actor
    Dr. E. Lee Spence  : Explorer
    Marie Tharpe  : Geologist and Oceanographic Cartographer
    Martin Johnson  : Photographer, filmmaker, naturalist, author, and explorer
    Osa Johnson  : Photographer, filmmaker, naturalist, author, and explorer
    Nell Harper Lee  : Novelist  (Abby's Lane Exclusive)
    Louis Armstrong  : Musician & Singer  (Cotton Babies Exclusive)
    Alicia Boole Stott  : Mathematician  (MommyCon Exclusive)
    Chico : Environmentalist         
    Mary Pickersgill : Seamstress & Humanitarian  
    Olaudah Equiano : Abolitionist
    Jane Austen : Novelist                                                                                                 



    Artist Series: 

    Artists see the world from a different perspective and capture their views for others to see. The artist series captures colorful designs from artist Chelsea Perry and her two collections of prints: Tiny Socialite Collection and Tiny Traveler Collection.

    Tiny Socialite Collection :
    Eiffel Tower
    Jet Setter
    Concrete Jungle
    Free Spirit
    Retail Therapy

    Tiny Traveler Collection :
    Top Hat
    Piccadilly Circus

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