bumGenius Freetime

$ 19.95

The bumGenius Freetime is an amazing advance in cloth diapering to make a diaper that is absorbent, fast drying and easy enough for skeptics, daycare use or alternate care providers to handle in a snap! 

The Freetime is made from synthetics materials that wick moisture away from baby's skin and keeps her feeling dry and is an "All In One" design which means all the pieces are attached and change all at once and replace with a new diaper. Remove any solid materials and then toss into a wet bag, pail, or washing machine.

Wash, dry & wear! It is that EASY! See how much Free time you can save by switching to cloth diapers like the bumGenius Freetime : the adjustable, convenient, affordable option for making cloth diapers work for your family. 

Need something a little more absorbent for your heavy wetter? You may like the bumGenius Elemental One Size All In One Diaper


  • one-Size fits most, adjustable diaper with 3x3 rows of snaps  which will fit babies from about 8 - 35+ pounds
  • stretchy tab closures for easier snapping and better fit
  • one step cloth diaper - no stuffing as compared to pocket diapers
  • gentle elastics around the legs and back waist to keep messes in
  • stay dry inserts are attached at ends which allows for better cleaning, faster drying and allow for customized absorbency where your child needs it most.

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