Birth Awakening Childbirth Class

$ 150.00 $ 200.00

Workshop Dates and Times:
Saturday, February 4th : 10am - 5pm
Sunday, February 5th : 12pm - 3pm

Melissa from Within Birth joins us to share with expectant families in a two day childbirth workshop to help cover typical concerns and fears associated with childbirth and aims to equip you with all the information about the childbirth process:

- what to expect in a hospital setting, and alternate settings,
- learn techniques to gain body awareness, 
- explore comfort positions and practices for laboring,
- exercises to practice during pregnancy to aid in efficient labor and birth,
- and equip you with the tool to remain confident and relaxed to achieve a positive birth experience.

Melissa is a CAPPA trained birth doula and a Certified Lactation Counselor and Hypnobirth therapist. Melissa has a wide base of experiences across many cultures to bring confidence to all women wanting to achieve a safe comfortable and positive childbirth experience that they can feel empowered by. 
Melissa is also experienced in fitness and vegan and vegetarian nutrition as well as an amazing artist who makes belly casting and creates beautiful belly paintings for your pregnancy keepsakes. 

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