Babywearing Fitness Classes

$ 5.00

Join us in our Athens, Georgia store for our very own babywearing fitness classes. We have a maximum space of about 8-10 adults and offer two varieties of classes to suit your needs and preferences.
Space is limited but you can save time and hassle by buying a class pass in advance. 

Tuesday 6pm: Babywearing Dance Class
A Zumba-style aerobic workout focused on fun and lively dance songs and heart beating movement to get cardiovascular system working while you and baby sweat and enjoy moving and dancing together. Dances vary from week to week but often build on some movement and "square" or "line" type dance movements. 
No dance experience required. 

Thursdays 1pm : Babywearing Fitness Class
This fitness class focuses on core strengthening through breathing and balancing while focusing on target areas while babywearing. Every Fitness class covers upper body and lower body movements while focusing and maintaining center of gravity and core strength using our own body and baby's weight for carrying.

First class is always free so if you still aren't sure just drop in and join the fun! Come early for assistance with trying on carriers or assistance with fitting a carrier to you and your baby!

Each week class is lead by Allison Viores who has 25 years of dance training across a variety of styles and applications and 15 years of dance leadership/teaching experience.

All levels of experience are welcomed to attend and we cater classes to your needs! Come join the fun as we move, groove, and sweat while we carry our babies and toddlers close!

Questions? Contact us to find out more!

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