Aura Cacia Carrier Oils

$ 6.99

Carrier oils have many uses. They are to be used to combine and penetrate the skin with essential oils so they do not evaporate before being beneficial. They are also used to dilute essential oils so that the oils do not burn or irritate skin. 

Perfect for diluting and blending essential oils. 

Carrier oils have benefits of their own: 

Sweet Almond Oil - This emollient oil goes on light and smooth and helps heavier oils penetrate into your skin. Great for massage and suitable for all skin types - especially those needing extra moisture because this oil absorbs so easily. 

Jojoba - Jojoba oil is best to use because it mimics collagen and is closest to our natural skin oil. Jojoba oil has shown some anti-inflammatory properties. This oil is great for all skin types because it breaks down excess sebum - very beneficial to acne prone skin. 

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