Zero Waste Baby


Reducing your environmental impact while adding a new baby to your family.

Here are some great tips and products that will help reduce your growing families carbon and waste foot print by choosing reusable and zero waste baby products. 

Unfortunately most of these products come with some sort of packaging but some brands are actively trying to reduce their waste as well. Here are some of our top picks and suggestions:


Cloth Diapering for a Zero Waste Baby

cloth diapers for a zero waste baby - Grovia Rainbow Baby

Cloth Diapers are one of the two biggest waste reducers you can choose when diapering your baby. Cloth diapering can be a simple part of your life and can reduce waste and consumer purchases in a big way

Any cloth diaper will get the desired effect but some of our favorite brands for being green and aware of their environmental impacts are

Thirsties Cloth Diapers
GroVia Cloth Diapers 
bumGenius and Flip Diaper Systems

also check out reusable "wet bags" which are great for reusable bags for separating laundry, wet pool or beach items, shoes, and not to mention dirty cloth diapers while they wait to be laundered!

You could also rent newborn cloth diapers instead of buying blindly. A great way to reduce unnecessary purchases that may not be your favorite.

Just imagine....
 your baby is here,
you gain an understand how diapering works by testing newborn diapers,
your baby does some good growing and is more ready to one size adjustable diapers, 
the fog and pressure of the newborn phases dissipates some,
and then you can make an informed consumer purchase for the cloth diapers that work for your specific family/care situation and lifestyle.

Read more about  our 6 week newborn cloth diaper rental program 

Feeding for a Zero Waste Baby

Zero Waste Food storage for baby and families

Breastfeeding at the breast is one of the best way you can reduce waste and also provide the best possible nutrition and for your child. When feeding at the breast isn't available these are our top picks for keeping your baby fed by breastmilk and still aiming to reduce waste

Breast Pump

Any breast pump will provide the desired effect of providing nourishment when you aren't with your baby but the PJs Comfort Pump is a comfortable option for being away from baby.

Mason Bottle

A reusable glass bottle, nipple, connector, silicone sleeve and cap that uses regular mason jars as bottles. comes in compostable and recyclable packaging or no/minimal packaging options

Milkies Milk Saver -

a milk collection tool to collect breast milk from let downs like while nursing or away from baby. help reduce need for milk storage bags etc

Once baby is ready for starting to transition into eating foods, there are some great products to add to your home that will keep reusable and durable products in your house that can be either composted, recycled, or passed on to younger sibling or other families when your baby has outgrown the need for it. 

Bee's Wrap -

reusable wax covered cloths that replace plastic and metal food wraps and plastic storage containers. Beeswax seals the fabric to itself and can keep leftovers, produce and food on the go plastic and waste free! To make it zero waste just compost or recycle the paperboard packaging when buying new and when the wrap is no longer usable cut it into strips and add it to your compost pile,
Great for all ages and stages and all households!

EzPz Mats -

ezpz reuasable silicone mats come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors to keep food on the table while baby learns about solid foods and self feeding. Help reduce how much of the food get knocked into the floor with a silicone mat that suctions to your table or high chair tray. When dirty, they are easy to clean. You can hand wash or toss in the dishwasher. Can be used through multiple children through childhood and passed on to other families. 



Stainless Steel, Glass, and Other Reusable Vessels  -

Great for the whole family!

Kleen Kanteen or Pura Stainless Steel Bottles
Lifefactory Glass Bottles and Glass Food Storage Containers


Have some other tips or resources you could share to help grow knowledge and  acceptance of environmental awareness? We would love to add to this list and keep it up to date and hear about your favorite zero waste baby products, brands, and practices!
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