Tula Baby Carriers and Accessories

Tula Baby Carriers are innovating, ergonomic and pushing the babywearing envelope to be more fun, stylish, and enjoyable without compromising safety and comfort for baby and wearer.  


Tula Free to Grow Carriers
Newest to the Tula Baby Carriers family is the Free-to-Grow adjustable infant baby carrier.

Tula Baby Carriers
 Standard Tula Baby Carriers are perfect for your infant from newborn to average 18months. 
For infants all you need is the infant insert so that they are positioned properly. 
For babies who have adequate head support all you need is the carrier and you are off on any adventure you can imagine with baby close by at all times. 

There is adequate padding for the wearer on the straps and around the waist. There is also adequate padding for baby under the seat and the leg openings. 

Comfort has never looked so stylish as in a Tula Baby Carrier!



Tula Toddler Baby Carriers

Toddler carriers are the perfect option after about 18-24 months when your toddler needs up but needs a little more support and coverage than the Tula Standard Carrier can provide! 
Tula Toddler carriers are available is most styles, and prints as Standard Tula Baby Carriers. 

Tula Baby Coast Carriers

Tula Baby Carriers in Standard and Toddler but with mesh center panel for ultimate breathability for baby and for the wearers! Perfect for warmer sticky climates and for outdoors!


Tula Woven Wraps

Tula Wovens are gorgeous woven fabrics which give the wrap and the carrying style the utmost flexibility and carrying options. 

Sizes vary by length and for different frame sizes and carries you may find a perfect length or size for you. 

Standard for average sizes and average carries vary from size 4-6. For more challenging wraps, fancy finishes or tandem wearing you will need a longer wrap. For short "ruck" type carries or for pregnancy belly wrapping you might prefer a shorter wrap or "rebozo" style/length. 

Here are some examples of some Tula Wovens

  Tula Woven Migaloo Happy

Tula Woven Conversion Ring Slings
Tula Ring Slings are made from Tula Wovens and vary from all 100% cotton to blends of cotton and Tencel. 

Tula Ring Slings have a variety of color ways and patterns to choose from and are always coming out with new variations for babywearers to enjoy and choose from. 

They come in two sizes and only vary in the length of the overall fabric/(the tail.

   Tula Ring Sling Miagloo Zen

Tula Baby Blankets

Great for swaddling, lounging playing and loving on, Tula Blankets are utterly and insanely soft yet durable like your favorite woven wrap or ring sling. 
These blankets have designs woven into the fabric and are sure to be your favorite as well as your child's favorite for years to come.
Large enough for swaddling, draping, playing, and even for older kids to use as a throw or compliment to their nighttime routine when they are old enough to really enjoy blankets. 

Some of our favorite designs so far have been :

Tula Blanket Nimbus