Nurture Hours : Drop In & Part Time Child Care at The Natural Baby


The Natural Baby Early Learning Center and Daycare

The Natural Baby's Early Learning Center
 1590 Prince Avenue 
Athens, GA 30606


Nurture Hours : Drop in Child Care
Starting February 1, 2017

Owner  & Lead Teacher : Allison Viores

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Allison is the director at The Natural Baby. Allison has a varied background in education and the arts. Allison's resume includes over 25 years in dance and dance education, and over 12 years in both public and private education,  ranging in ages from 2 years to adult learners.

Allison graduated from The University of Georgia with a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and a Family and Consumer Sciences Education Certification. Allison taught in the Henry County School District for 5 years before resigning to spend more time raising her children and growing The Natural Baby. 

During her adult life she has had an intense interest in natural parenting, positive child guidance and attachment parenting. As an educator she enjoyed learning about methods for enriching early learning and fostering rich environments for child development that include concepts from Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio methods. 

Her desire to start The Natural Baby Nurture Hours stemmed from not only her background but also her life experiences when becoming a mother and needing to re-enter the workforce after starting a family. She sought out to find the perfect or flexible care options without much result. Her mission with The Natural Baby Nurture Hours is to create a small scale, home-like environment where families have an options that falls in line with their own parenting styles and on a flexible drop in basis. 


Meet Kayla : Full Bio and Photo Coming Soon 

As we launch our program we are so excited to welcome Kayla Jones who will be interning with us this spring semester. Kayla has a background in childcare and early learning and is majoring in Human Development at the University of Georgia in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.



Our Mission

At The Natural Baby Early Learning Center we promote and encourage:

breastfeeding - as a matter of public health and well being we know that breastfeeding is a natural act and should be promoted encourage and cheered including if a breastfeeding mother decides to return to work or place her child in a daycare option. 

cloth diapering - not only for a family's overall cost, we know we do not want to contribute to the environmental impacts of disposable diapers. Typically children who are cloth diapered have less frequent rashes and skin irritations and tend to learn to potty independently sooner. These are the primary reasons for our preference for using cloth diapers.

babywearing - to quickly and immediately be aware of baby's needs for comfort bonding and closeness with a care provider and addressing those needs promptly.

positive child guidance - creating environments that allow for and encourage safe exploration and learning during a child's most exploratory and formative years.

We do not discriminate if these choices aren't right for you and your family and we understand the parent's right to choose what is best. We do feel strongly about our stance on these topics however we are understanding of all facets of parenthood which may complicate one or all of these process from happening or simply your choice not to follow that path. We only aim to foster support and awareness of these areas and offer a nurturing space where these practices can continue on, outside of the home environment.


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