One Day Couples Childbirth Workshop in Athens

Labor of Love Couples Birth Workshop AThens Georgia
couples workshop - one day childbirth preparation class

Join Teresa Howard from Labor of Love doula and childbirth services as she facilitates a crash course in childbirth preparation which is perfect for expectant couples who are hoping to learn how they can come together and achieve a positive and bonded childbirthing experience. The Couples' class is a small group of expectant parents so that you can feel at ease in our comfortable space and feel comfortable asking questions as they may arise. 

Teresa has over 25 years of experience serving as a labor and postpartum doula as well as
 teaching a variety of courses geared towards pregnancy, labor and childbirth and has many certifications to accompany her impressive resume including BOLD birth workshop and "Dancing for Birth" trainings. 

Features of the Couples Workshop include:

  • how to be a supportive partner
  • coping skills for pain management during labor
  • positions for labor and birth 
  • how to create a supportive birth environment
  • identifying the stages of labor and how to navigate each
  • basics for breastfeeding success
  • contingency plans and ways to incorporate flexibility in your birth plans
  • potential interventions & medicines
  • cesarean section birth factors
  • newborn routine procedures, & options 
  • the start of labor and when to go to hospital
  • what to pack in a hospital bag & what you really need

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