Infant & Toddler Sensory Playgroup

Infant and Toddler Sensory Playgroup Learn PLay explore georgia

Join us every Friday Morning and explore the senses with your child in a a informal playgroup structure.

Every week there will be a selected sensory theme and attendees will be given ideas and tips for how to enjoy the sensory play best with their child's age and abilities. Then children and their care providers will be encouraged to let children discover and sense things on their own.

Rainbow Playsilks
Seasonal Felt Shapes/Play
Colorful Paint Bags (no mess)
Shakers & Music makers 
Blocks (Hard and Soft)
Sensory Bins (rice, beans, water, etc)
Water Play (outside weather permitting)

The greatest thing about infant and toddlers is that many of these basic play items in our inventory or in yours can have so many applications from exploring the senses (sight, sounds, smell, touch) to cause and effect, object permanence (peekaboo, now its here and now its not) and much much more!

Join our playgroup and enjoy watching your child learn through play. Learn more and purchase your tickets in advance!