GroVia All Good Cats Go To Space Print

GroVia Space Cats Cloth Diapers - All Good Cats Go To Space

About Carlton the Cat and "All Cats Go To Space"

Carlton is a star of the Grovia fan base and has now moved to space and is but stardust. We like to think he is chasing yarn ball asteroids now and adrift among mouse like constellations. 

In this commemorative and limited edition print, Carlton and all his groovy adventures are strewn across an indigo background. Along Carlton's space journey he encounters one his close cat friends, flying yarn balls asteroids, and even a few mouse constellations.

GroVia's latest print in part, will be supporting the ASPCA and its mission to save lives and will be making a donation directly. To learn more, visit

All Cats Go To Space should be landing in our online store sometime in September 2020 and we are super excited to share this amazing print with all of you GroVia fans, and  mostly for all of Carlton's raving fans! 

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