GroVia was created in 2004 and is a mom created company who saw a huge need for innovation in cloth diapers and helped to create the modern cloth diapers and favorite features in their diapers. 

Starting with the Hybrid Shell and Stay Dry and Organic Cotton Cloth Soakers and biodegradable Bio Soakers and Bio Liners

As time went on the innovation expanded into more arenas and products were refined

One Size All In One
Newborn All In One
Pail Liners
Wet Bags
Magic Stick 

Then everything changed in 2014 when GroVia launched their O.N.E. kickstarter campaign.  The ONE diaper is an acronym for their latest flexible one size all in one diaper :  O-Outlast Closure, N-No Prep and E- Easy to Use

With the ability to
- use straight out of the package (aka No Prep)
- adjust and detach absorbency for maximum flexibility and washability
- switch between snap and hook and loop closures with detachable hook & loop strips
- enjoy a variety of fabrics including both microfiber for its quick absorbing properties and cotton for maximum absorbency capacity
- preform with innovative features like channeled stay-dry soakers for superior absorbency

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