Fertility & Your Cycle

Fertility and Your Cycle Workshop at The Natural baby, natural contraceptive, birth control and family planning options

Next Class Offering: February 18th 2017, 6pm

The Natural Baby love to offer this workshop learning about our available choices when it comes to planning your family & your own menstrual & cycles of fertility and infertility. 

Whether you are trying to conceive, trying to prevent pregnancy or just wanting to learn more about your own body, we will discuss indicators of fertility and how to learn from them, tips, tools, mobile apps, and other easy ways to manage & be aware of your own fertility.  

We will also spend time discussing natural and prescription options available contraceptive options and their pros and cons to help you narrow down your options. We aim to provide great resources, evidence and discussion to help you make informed decisions about your fertility.  

Bring your experiences and questions as we help you navigate and sift through options that might be right for you and your family.