Doula Speed Dating

Welcome to Doula Speed Dating from The Natural Baby!

Our back story is that we feel everyone deserves to have a labor doula attend their birth because of the amazing statistics that correlate to better birth outcomes which all stem from having continuous support during labor. 

Doulas are that amazing physical, emotional, and informational support for you and your birth partner as needed. Your carefully selected midwife or obstetrician is devoted to you and your birth but they also may have other patients that they also need to care for. The nurses at a hospital setting, as amazing as they could be, have no clue what your birthing preferences are and have only just met you. 

This is where a doula can be so vary valuable to a birthing family. Doulas often know the midwives obstitricians and sometimes even the nurses at the hopsital and 
can help to mediate staff that may be coming or going. 

Doulas can also provide a guard for well-intentioned but hovering family members that are eager to see the new baby or to check on the laboring mother. This alone can be a huge psychological relief and allow laboring mothers to relax and allow their body to do the work it needs to do without fear of what or who may walk in the door next.

Join us for our expanding Doula Speed Dating Events and RSVP to our free event for birthing families. Partners are always strongly encourage to attend!

Athens, GA Doula Speed Dating 
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