Childbirth Classes in Athens, GA

Hypnobabies Childbirth Series

Nicole from Adventures in Childbirth joins us for a 6 week comprehensive childbirth preparation course design to fully prepare you for a healthy pregnancy, positive birth, and easier postpartum recovery starting with education and tips for relaxation to allow your birthing body to preform as it was designed to do.

BOLD Wisdom for Couples Workshop

Teresa from Labor of Love presents this one day course designed to bring couples together and help support the labor process and provide you with the information and tools needed to navigate labor, childbirth, and basics for breastfeeding!

Birth Awakening : Two Day Workshop

Melissa from Within Birth joins us to share with expectant families in a two day childbirth workshop to help cover typical concerns and fears associated with childbirth and aims to equip you with guiding information and tools for preparing for the birth of your child.