Best Bottom

Get to know Best Bottom Diapers!

A staple in cloth diapering created by a cloth diaper retailer in the industry, featuring an all in two system, an adjustable one size cover, and sized inserts that snap in for the ultimate in convenience and trimness.

1. Choose your adorable one size shell from plenty of color choices and closure preference. 

2. Select your absorbency:

Stay Dry:

  - Stay Dry (synthetic/polyester/microfiber)

  - 5 super absorbent layers of hemp and certified organic cotton blend with a top layer of  hemp/certified organic cotton fleece.

  - 6 silky soft layers of bamboo viscose and ultra trim without compromising absorbency

  - 6 layers of microfiber OR 8 layers of hemp/certified organic cotton made to snap between an insert of identical size and the shell for that extra thirsty absorbency sought after for an overnight solution.

3. Snap your absorbency into your adorable shell. 

4. Diaper your baby.

When it's time to change baby's diaper again, simply remove the soiled insert, wipe the shell clean, and replace with a clean insert. 

It is really that simple!

Best Bottom diapers wash cleaner than all in ones due to their removable insert. 

Best Bottom recommends having 8-10 shells and 18-24 inserts per size.

Best Bottom Size Chart