Thirsties Newborn Diapers

Thirsties Newborn All In One Diapers

Comparing Thirsties Newborn AIO Cloth Diapers

Thirsties Newborn All In Once Diapers come in two different inner fabric choices to suit your needs. 

Both styles of Thirsties Newborn All In One diapers fit from about 5-14 pounds making them a great choices for the newborn stage. Both Thirsties Newborn All In Ones also have the same adorable prints made from 100% Polyester TPU outers to keep all the moisture inside the diaper and contain messes. 

Thirsties Newborn vs. Thirsties Natural Newborn : Where they differ

Thirsties Newborn All In One has a synthetic inner absorbency and consists of :
1 top layer of 100% polyester microfleece
4 absorbent layers of 100% microterry 

this combines for a "stay-dry" feel 

Thirsties Natural Newborn All In One has a natural fiber inner absorbency consisting of:
2 layers of 100% organic cotton 
6 layers of 45% organic cotton / 55% hemp  

this combines for more absorbency