39. Soft Structured Carriers

The Soft Structured Carrier category in babywearing has the widest selection and range of choices for families and can be overwhelming! We have tried to simplify this by carrying a more narrow selection of qualitybrands 

We carry Tula Baby and Onya Baby Carriers and can happily assist you in your babywearing journey and selecting a carrier that will work with your parenting style and needs. 

A great ergonomic carrier can reduce pressure points in arms backs and necks for caregivers who are sensitive in those areas. With a good fitting carrier you can comfortably carry more weight in an ergonomic carrier for longer than you might be able to carry with just your arms. 

And with your child's ear to your chest it makes a great white noise and comfort measure to assist with challenging life moments.

Tula Baby Carriers
- ergonomic 
- stylish 
- comfortable
- great for everyday

Onya Baby Carriers
- ergonomic
- durable
- easy to clean
- great for outdoors