Nookums Paci Plushies

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No more searching for the lost pacifier because here come the Nookums Paci Plushies to save the day!


Paci Plushies are a universal pacifier holder that keeps baby's pacifier close by and makes it easier for them to grasp on to and independently maneuver the pacifier.


All plush characters feature a huggable design, are sized for little hands, and textured for sensory exploration.


When baby outgrows the pacifier, the Paci-Plushies animal becomes a familiar toy that helps to ease the transition away from the pacifier.


Paci Plushies have a flexible Hug Ring™ that attaches to a variety of baby's favorite pacifiers including Mam, Avent, NUK and many more. In addition to being compatible with other pacifier brands you can also partner your Nookums Plush character with a Nookums Chillies Teether Add-On to help soothe gums from teething.


All Paci-Plushies characters are machine washable and include a Nookums brand pacifier. 


BPA and Phthalate free

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