Breastfeeding 101 Course

$ 25.00

Join our next breastfeeding 101 class where we can prepare you for a successful breastfeeding relationship.
This class is ideal for parents planning to breastfeed, to attend together & learn the basics of how to prepare for best outcomes and to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals.
Breastfeeding 101 covers:
* setting the stage for a successful breastfeeding : labor & delivery plans
* how to establish & maintain a good milk supply
* latching your baby
* the breastfed baby & what to know and look for
* positions for breastfeeding comfortably
* pumping and returning to work
* supporting the breastfeeding relationship : tips for care providers & nurturing the entire family unit
Spouses and caregivers are encouraged to attend. Tickets purchased include a partner attendance as well. 

Call or email to set up your one on one session.

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