Tula Blanket Sets

$ 65.00

Tula's bamboo baby blankets are designed to be super soft and coordinate with some of their most popular carriers to give you and baby both comfort and style. 

These luxuriously soft bamboo blankets are made with 100% "viscose from bamboo" and measuring 47" x 47". This makes these blankets super soft and ultra breathable which means they are the perfect addition for cuddling, swaddling, and they also make the perfect gift!

- Blanket Sets come in an adorable carrying cinch sack giving that extra special touch to your purchase or gift. 


Saguaro: Included in the set of 3 blankets, are two solid colored blankets and 1 printed blanket. The Saguaro print has jade, basil, and sand colored cacti on a white jacquard weave blanket. The solid colored blankets are jade and basil and have a repeating saguaro cactus pattern/shape woven into the fabric. 

Fairbanks: Fairbanks Blanket Sets have 3 coordinating blankets with two solid colors and a white printed blanket. The river blue blanket has a bear jacquard weave, the olive green has pine trees in its jacquard weave, and a white printed blanket has bears, mountain ranges, pine forest, clouds and soaring birds.

Hipster: Sets come with 3 coordinating blankets. The printed blanket is a white blanket with a plaid woven and black symbols of mustaches, eyeglasses, deer heads, bowties, vintage bicycles, and arrows. Sets also contain a bold red and charcoal gray coordinating jacquard blankets with a plaid argyle style design pattern, offsetting the quirky style of the print.

Aim: Sets are inspired by the Tula Baby Carrier print called Archer. This blanket set has two jacquard blankets, one white and one in light gray with the arrow design woven in the fibers. The printed "Aim" blanket consists of a white background with navy, yellow and gray arrows throughout. 

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