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Call Me Mommy : A Lesson in Self-Doubt March 19 2014

Whenever I feel down or inadequate about being a capable mother, I always remember some helpful comedic relief from my childhood.

In the Disney Movie "Rocketman", a space vehicle becomes trapped on Commander Gordon during a storm on a mission to Mars. The main character and comedian, Fred Randall tells Commander Gordon that a mother's instinct and strength is amplified when someone calls you mommy....

Audrey is Here! Limited Edition Print & Giveaway! March 18 2014

Audrey Hepburn is coming to cloth diapers! Check out the latest Limited Edition print to debut from Cotton Babies!

The Natural Baby will be fully stocked for this ICON of cloth diapers to arrive and just in time for spring! Get your sunglasses ready! 

bumGenius and Flip Diapers are going back in time to the classic, trendsetter and her timeless, signature shades!

See how Cotton Babies describes their...

Meet Mariette and Her Decision to Cloth Diaper March 16 2014 1 Comment

Mariette's Decision to Cloth Diaper

Meet Mariette!
Mariette is a Cloth Diaper Consultant for The Natural Baby and is located in Gulf Breeze, Florida just outside of Pensacola, Florida. Mariette is serving as a consultant for the Gulf Coast area from Pensacola, Destin and outlying areas! Mariette is currently a full-time teacher and with her husband, has two young daughters. Read more about Mariette...

The Gift of Breastfeeding After Childbirth March 14 2014

In this series I hope to discuss all things "after-birth" including menstrual cycles, fertility, breastfeeding as well as product reviews and giveaways! What topics would you like to see discussed? 

I have a confession to make. It was 27 months since my last menstrual cycle.
Yep. Its pretty awesome. To make it even more of a story,...

Meet The Natural Baby: Part 2 : Meet The Intern! March 11 2014

This semester we have had the pleasure of hosting a student intern from The University if Georgia's  and who is on track for becoming a certified family life educator! If you've been by the shop you might have met her but join me in getting to know Khira a little bit better! She is totally awesome! Read why!

Who is the intern? 

Hello! My name is Khira and I am currently the intern at the Natural...

Do You Baby-Led Wean? : Part 1 : Baby Steps with Solid Foods March 11 2014

Maybe you've heard the latest new trend in feeding your baby and possibly you haven't yet. I'll save most of the details into the origins of Baby Led Weaning for later.

I want to first share my experiences with feeding our two children as they have grown. For reference, they are now 3 1/2 and 18 months.

The Nursling and I
We navigated our way to baby-led weaning methods partly by accident with our...

Meet The Natural Baby : Part 1 : Meet The Owner! March 08 2014

Athens, GA Improving Birth Rally

My name is Allison and I have a confession. I'm cheap! :)

I suppose its a great way to explain how I came to initially latch on to the concepts of breastfeeding, babywearing, and most importantly, cloth diapering, and why I am the Owner of The Natural Baby today!

Dancing: My other Love
I am a graduate of The University Of Georgia where I fell in love with Athens, GA...

Part 2: Top Reasons to Try All In One's March 05 2014

All In One's are definitely loved by many including our family. In my first post in this series Part 1: The Trouble With All In One's, I outlined the reasons that some may not enjoy All In One Diapers.

Taking the Time
When I talk about All In One's (AIOs) I am very careful to explain that all cloth diapering takes time compared to disposable diapers. With some diapers like prefolds or All-In-Twos...

Part 1: The Trouble with All In One's February 12 2014

Trouble with AIOs

All In One's are definitely loved by many. They are dubbed "Dad's Favorite" cloth diaper for many reasons, but as with many things that claim an absolute (One-Size, All-In-One, etc.) they all have their pitfalls and can leave something to be desired.

I spend most of my time in our retail store talking to people about cloth diapers and which one might be a good fit for their family. Many people's...

Win A Moby Wrap: Facebook Promotion and Giveaway! January 16 2014

Do YOU want to win a free Moby Wrap?
Help us reach 1,925 Likes on our Facebook Page and we will giveaway this Moby Wrap to the person who brings in the most traffic.

1. LIKE our page and our pinned status
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Help us expand our reach and this Moby Wrap could be yours! :)

UpCycling & Repurposing : Mason Jars December 30 2013

Ever heard the old saying "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"? 
It is a tried a true method for being aware of what you use and the impact you make on your environment.
There is one more "R" though that my family has always enjoyed using that kind of plays on the reuse side of things...


This word puts a whole new spin on the old adage, I think. So whether you call is "reusing" "repurposing" or...

Top 10 Baby Products for New Parents September 13 2013 1 Comment

In today's overloaded world it can be very challenging for new parents to know what is an essential item for the journey they are about to embark upon! 

As I loaded my vehicle down this week, (after 2 moves with in 6 months) preparing to sell off most of my baby gear, I realized that I in the past three years & two rounds of babies, my inner minimalist finally realized how much stuff we aquired...

Trials in Cooking and Meal Preparation September 05 2013

Ever heard the phrase "you are what you eat?" This is one of the basic principles behind why our family sincerely tries to eat whole and organic foods that truly nourish the body. In the past I even extensively looking into elaborate meal planning blogs and considered making it happen.

I also thought that since I stopped working full-time at school I figured I would have time to do this task.

Our Yoga Practice August 09 2013

I have found since becoming a mother, especially a mother of 2, that it is hard to find time to practice yoga.

In my school and college years I was actively involved in all forms of dance almost everyday. I also took a Pilates class is college and was hooked. When I became pregnant with my first, prenatal yoga was calling my name! Since I couldn't quite do the "hundred" with a pregnant belly, I...

Mission: Organization August 05 2013

With 2 kids under the age of 3, 2 pets, a husband, an old house and about 3 loads of cloth diaper laundry a week... I have the tendency to let things pile up. 

I'm ashamed, truly... Time to reclaim my desk!
Especially since we are only 4 months into our last move to our new place, and I was spending 4 hours commuting and about 9 hours a day, things have been piling up all over... The desk, the...

To Bleach or not to Bleach? June 29 2013

The lurking question... To bleach or not to bleach?

My family is always on the go and we have come to stick with using bumGenius Freetime One-Size All-In-One diapers for reasons of simplicity between multiple care providers who even like to help with laundry from time to time. (They had difficulty and much anxiety about matching up pocket diapers and inserts)
Up until now we have stripped diapers...

Trials in Cloth Diapering June 13 2013

For many who begin their "first baby researching" as I did, you might soon be attracted to the huge savings one can accumulate by switching to reusable cloth diapers instead of disposables. 

Your research continues only to find that there are many brands, styles, and options of diapers and systems enough to make your head spin. And just when you think you have sorted out the styles, the names go...

Blogs, vlogs, and updates on the horizon! June 11 2013

We have returned from our leave of absence... Hooray!
Just wait and see what's next!!

We are currently working on our consultant program and building a natural directory of doulas, midwives, pediatrician a, chiropractors, etc. 
Please name drop anyone we should include in our directory!

Time to Hit the Pool, Now What About the Poo? May 23 2012

Swim Diapers and being Green and Thrifty
Many people choose cloth diapering because of the money savings and environmental impacts of disposables. So when the summer months hit and beach and water park vacations are about, have you thought about diapering you child in the water and pool settings? It can be so easy even families that don't cloth diaper regularly prefer reusable swim diapers when its time to hit the pool!

Passing the Baton... A Lesson in Changing Hands April 25 2012

Just imagine… you are a top notch track star and run the mile like nobody’s business (nice calves by the way!).  You have decided to join the relay team but no matter how fabulous of an individual sprinter you are, you will still have trouble in the transition and the passing of the baton.
In retail, most do not build a business with the intention of selling everything they have worked so fervently...

Introducing: Cloth Diaper Kits December 28 2011

We have wanted to offer cloth diapering packages for a very long time - and we are excited to start with our Prefold Cloth Diaper Kit! This kit is an easy way to get everything you need in one package - and at a great discount, our Prefold Cloth Diaper Kit makes starting your diaper stash simple and affordable.

The Diapers
The diapers included in your kit are made of 100% Indian cotton twill weave...

Some Cloth Diapering FAQs... December 14 2011

Getting Started
Okay, so you have decided what style or combination of styles you want to use for your little one. Now what?

Newborns go through approximately 12 diapers/day. Depending on how many days you want to go between washing, that means anywhere from 12-36 diapers total. We can tell you from experience, that after two days, your diaper pail will begin stink a little. AND, your...

Diaper Lingo, pt. 2 December 07 2011

I finally realized today why it can be tricky for some folks to remember the difference between "All in One" cloth diapers and "One Size" cloth diapers.

All In One (or, AIO) to some people means the diaper is all sizes in one diaper. However, when speaking about cloth diapers, All In One implies that the absorbent layer(s) and the waterproof layer are somehow permanently attached.

For example, our...

Cloth Diapers for Christmas? November 29 2011

I know it may sound crazy, but cloth diapers do make wonderful gifts! Although we often brag about how much money can be saved by choosing reusable diapers, the wide variety of styles and colors make it almost impossible to resist collecting! Once a family has established "a stash" - those diapers required for cloth diapering success - it is very common to begin adding diapers, covers, and...