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Butterbean Sunscreen is BACK & better than ever! May 10 2015

NEW Butterbean Sunscreen

Butterbean is my favorite natural sun block to use for our family.I never have had to worry about harmful ingredients and have been able to rest at ease knowing that not only the owner of Butterbean, but also that the EWG (Environmental Working Group) have researched and tested the sunscreen!

And this year's batch has some awesome improvements: 

  • Water Resistant 80 minutes
  • Non-whitening formula
  • SPF 30

  • Here is a direct link to the EWG Skin Deep Database where you can see all of their published findings about a wide selection of skin care and specifically sun protection products.


    Why I chose Butterbean Sunscreen:

    1. "0" rating on the Environmental Working Group

    When it comes to EWG ratings, 0 is a good as it gets! I am a minimalist kind of gal anyway and need not fret over ingredients I cant pronounce. Give me sun protection with no chemicals. Butterbean delivers!

    Mineral sunscreens like Butterbean sit on top of the skin to block & scatter UV rays where chemical sunscreens absorb into the skin and there in lies my beef with readily available sunscreens on the market.

    excerpt from Butterbean's website:

    Chemical sunscreens absorb into the skin to impart protection. This is the reason that chemical sunscreens must be soaked in for 15 minutes before swimming. There are often multiple chemicals included in order to provide a full spectrum protection. One active ingredient in many chemical sunscreens is oxybenzone. The US Center for Disease Control found that 97% of Americans have this chemical in their blood. This ingredient has been proven to disrupt normal hormone functions and should not be used on babies or children as it may disrupt their developing systems. Additional chemicals in sunscreens break down into free radicals or carcinogens.

    2. Ingredients I Can Identify

    Simplicity can go along way and when it comes to ingredients I love that I can not only pronounce but identify the ingredients in the product I want to use. I find this true for myself but even more so for my children. 

    Butterbean's active barrier is zinc oxide which is a physical barrier that is "photo stable" (not wearing off an hour after application in light/sun) 

    Butterbean Sunscreen Original Ingredient Listing:

    Active Sunscreen Ingredient:
    Non-nano Uncoated Zinc Oxide 22%

    Inactive Ingredients:
    * Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil , *Butyrospermum Parkii (Fair Trade Shea) Butter, *Cera Alba (Beeswax), *Olea europaea (Olive Fruit) Oil, * Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, *Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

     *Certified Organic Ingredients  


    3. Common Sense Advice

    Butterbean being an all natural sunscreen also states to use common sense in combination with their product, for example: When out during mid-day use other methods of sun protection in conjunction with Butterbean or any other mineral based sunscreen. Smart and Simple. No claims that they can't stand behind. Quality ingredients and a quality product that I can stand behind!

    Butterbean Sunscreen+My Swim Baby UV ShirtMy Swim Baby UV Hat= LOVE

    I also like that Butterbean is local (to me) and that I how I got to know the brand so well. Now I love sharing the love of Butterbean far and wide!

    Butterbean also has an entire line of products including a more spreadable sunscreen called Simple, Good Sun: An SPF Sport Stick, SPF Lip Balm, and Natural Bug Repellant!
    Check them out and let us know if you have used Butterbean products what you think!

    Meet Patch! Newest Limited Edition Print from Cotton Babies! May 07 2015

    Meet Patch!

    Take Flight with Patch : The latest release from Cotton Babies!

    Just like a butterfly, the newest Genius Series print, Patch, is intricate and ethereal. With a monochromatic color scheme, filled with different shades of Dazzle, Patch resembles a monarch's wings through a kaleidoscopic design. Influenced by the work of American Entomologist, Edith Patch, this graceful, captivating motif will take your little one to new heights. 

    When she was a child, Edith Patch won a contest for an essay on monarch butterflies. Passionate about bugs and ecology, Patch tried to get a job in entomology, but was repeatedly rejected because she was a woman. Through persistence and dedication, she was later hired by Charles Woods of the University of Maine, where she earned her master's degree, later completing her Ph.D. at Cornell University. In 1930, Patch was elected the first woman president of the Entomological Society of America, a time when few women were in the field. Throughout her long, devoted career, she never lost focus of her love for science and the natural world, which now lands her a spot in our Hall of Genius. 


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    Thanks for staying tuned! 

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