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Maternity and Paternity Leave May 09 2022

How much time do you wish you could take off from work after the birth of a child? So much of how a parent makes that decision depends on where they live and the job they have. Join us to investigate some research around this topic and the decision almost all modern paretns are forced to make.

Nutrition during Pregnancy May 09 2022

...nutritional considerations during pregnancy and onward into lactation and breastfeeding and hopefully some themes to help make great nutritional lifestyle choices as you begin to bring and infant into the world.

Feeding your Baby May 09 2022

Should you breastfeed or bottle feed? Should you try to Nurse and feed your baby with breastmilk or infant formula?
There are so many factors why parents and care providers make the decisions they do. 

Let's chat through the benefits of each of how to make a plan that works for your needs, budget, mental health, and body capacity.

Bed Sharing and Room Sharing with your Infant May 09 2022

Infant Sleep
Author: Allison Cress
UGA Family and Consumer Sciences Intern
Human Development Major

Infant Sleep - Bed Sharing, Room Sharing, Co-Sleeping Research and Recommendations

Today we are going to talk about the various sleeping practices with infants! While babies are the most precious thing in the whole wide world in my opinion and I could snuggle with a baby all night long with a big smile on my face, there are a lot of differing opinions when it comes to sleeping with infants. There are many concerns and arguments both for and against parent/child bed-sharing. There are also so many factors to consider that are different for each family! Sleeping practices in the United States can differ from family to family depending on racial, ethnic, regional, and socioeconomic background. Everyone has different reasons for the decisions that they make for their children and families and that's okay! I am here to hopefully provide helpful resources and insight as to why people choose different sleeping practices.

First, let's clarify some language and terminology so we are all on the same page. 

Bed-sharing and co-sleeping are two terms that can be used interchangeably. These terms mean sleeping together, in the same bed with your infant.

Room-sharing means the baby sleeps alone in a crib or bassinet, but in the same room as the parents/guardians.

There are also two different kinds of co-sleeping. There is reactive co-sleeping and planned co-sleeping. Reactive co-sleeping refers to a few different situations. The most common are: the child begins to co-sleep as a toddler after sleeping alone for an extended period, a child has difficulty sleeping alone, therefore co-sleeps or the sleeping arrangement moves back and forth between co-sleeping and solitary sleeping (Goldberg & Keller, 2007). Planned co-sleeping refers to a planned and agreed-upon sleeping arrangement (Goldberg & Keller, 2007).


Pros of Room-Sharing Rather Than Bed-Sharing

Due to safety reasons in 2005, the AAP released a statement emphasizing that parents and infants should not co-sleep under any circumstances, but should room-share (Sobralske & Gruber, 2009). While co-sleeping can put an infant in danger of detrimental physical outcomes and a challenging transition to sleeping alone, room sharing allows for close parental supervision and comfort without jeopardizing the infant’s safety.


  • Safety: Overall, the main concern with parent-child bed-sharing is the safety of the child. “Since 1992, the AAP has discouraged co-sleeping because of the belief that it contributes to the risk for SIDS due to the possibility of the infant being overlain by an adult, turning to a prone position, becoming entrapped by soft or loose bedding, getting overheated, or being asphyxiated by the clothing of an adult smoker (Sobralske & Gruber, 2009). To promote the safest sleeping environment for an infant, it is recommended that infants sleep without loose bedding or any objects that could cause suffocation, entrapment, or strangle the baby (Moon, 2021). If the baby is co-sleeping with the parents, there is a strong chance that parents have pillows, blankets, sheets, etc., in their bed, which makes this a dangerous sleeping environment for an infant. It is also strongly suggested that infants sleep on a firm surface to prevent the infant from becoming engulfed in the bedding and having difficulty breathing (Moon, 2021).  Ideally, infants should sleep on a firm surface with nothing else in the bed with them to create the safest possible sleeping environment for the infant (Moon, 2021). If the baby is co-sleeping, the parents’ mattress may not be the firm sleeping surface that an infant needs to stay safe while sleeping (Moon, 2021). Circumstances revolving around the parent can affect the level of risk that the infant is at while co-sleeping. If one or both parents’ awareness is dulled by a substance such as alcohol, drugs, or sedating medications and it takes more stimulation than normal to arouse the parent/parents, they are more likely to overlay an infant (Thompson, 2005). Additionally, if the parent is a smoker, the infant is more likely to become asphyxiated (Thompson, 2005). ). Another risk of co-sleeping is that the infant could roll off of the bed while the parent/parents are asleep (Sobralske & Gruber, 2009). Overall, co-sleeping is accompanied by numerous safety risks for infants, which is why many encourage room-sharing rather than bed-sharing.

  • Can ease the transition of sleeping in a room independently
  • Some of us may know all too well, the terrors of sleeping alone as a child from our own personal experiences or from our children’s experiences. Many believe that the smaller transition of room-sharing to sleeping alone vs bed-sharing to sleeping alone can make it much easier for a young child to learn to sleep through the night in their own bedroom. As children age, they will eventually need to become comfortable sleeping independently. Evidence from recent studies reveal that there may be more sleep-related problems in children who engage in reactive co-sleeping (Keller & Goldberg, 2004). There is a great deal of “speculation and concern that children who sleep with their parents may develop an abnormal psychological dependency, psychosexual confusion, and increased sleeping problems (Tracht, 2007). It has also been found that school-age children who want to co-sleep may have problems that require counseling such as separation anxiety (Sobralske & Gruber, 2009). Room-sharing rather than bed-sharing can eliminate the transition from sleeping with mom and dad to sleeping alone as well as the problematic issues that can arise from continued co-sleeping practices.

  • Room Sharing is the Recommendation
  • The AAP recommends room-sharing because it is significantly safer than bed-sharing and can decrease the risk of SIDS by as much as 50% (Moon, 2021). Room sharing can allow the parent/parents to know when the baby is having trouble sleeping and sleeping well without putting the baby at any risk. Sharing a room can also make it easier to comfort, feed, and watch the baby (Moon, 2021). It is encouraged for parents to place the baby’s crib or bassinet close to their bed (Moon, 2021). This allows parents to supervise their baby closely while allowing the baby to practice sleeping independently and to have a safe sleeping environment. It is recommended for babies and parents to room-share for the first six months to a year of the baby’s life (Moon, 2021). Room sharing can facilitate the closeness and watchfulness that parents desire without putting an infant at risk for the numerous negative outcomes that can occur with co-sleeping.

    Here are some other pros to room-sharing rather than bed-sharing:

    1. Some studies suggest that parents and guardians get a better night’s sleep when an infant sleeps in their room rather than in their bed (Alario, 2022).
    2. When an infant sleeps in your room rather than in your bed, your bed is still a private place for just you and your partner (Alario, 2022).
    3. Having your infant sleep in your room but not your bed can give you such peace of mind. If the baby is in your room, you know they are safe, and when they are sleeping and/or need to be comforted. Having the infant in your room rather than your bed also gives you peace of mind that they are safe. You don’t have to worry about rolling over on them during the night, them getting tangled/suffocated in sheets or mattress, them rolling off of the bed, or getting stuck in places such as between the headboard or footboard (Alario, 2022).



    Co-sleeping is referred to as the “best-kept secret of moms across the country” (Alario, 2022). There is so much controversy surrounding co-sleeping that many parents/guardians hide that they actually do sleep in the same bed with their infant from their pediatrician, friends, and even family (Alario, 2022). Recent studies have even revealed that at least 50% of parents co-sleep some of the time. As research continues to grow, some opinions regarding bed-sharing are changing and beginning to shift in its favor. One study even noted that while the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP, 2005) takes a strong position against parent/child co-sleeping there is little scientific evidence to demonstrate the ill effects of co-sleeping when done in a proper, safe environment (Sobralske & Gruber, 2005).


    Here are some of the reasons that caretakers may choose to co-sleep

    1. Bed-sharing allows for the caretaker and infant to have skin-to-skin contact. Research has revealed that skin-to-skin contact reduces physiological stress in infants (Alario, 2022).
    2. Many caretakers feel that bedsharing promotes emotional bonding with their baby (Alario, 2022).
    3. Co-sleeping allows moms to breastfeed from the convenience of bed at night (Alario, 2022). Research has revealed that as moms who co-sleep can breastfeed more easily at night, co-sleeping can increase the duration of breastfeeding (Alario, 2022).
    4. Many parents/guardians feel that co-sleeping helps their baby to fall asleep faster, which in turn allows the guardians/parents to sleep better as well (Alario, 2022).
    5. It is more convenient for parents/guardians to comfort their baby when their baby is in their own bed (Alario, 2022).
    6. Sleeping with a parent/guardian can cause an infant to wake up less often throughout the night (Alario, 2022). While an infant is soothed by the presence of a parent or guardian, bed-sharing can make it easier for an infant to transition between sleep cycles (Alario, 2022). This can result in fewer wakeups throughout the night (Alario, 2022).
    7. Some research suggests that co-sleeping may be beneficial for an infant’s emotional health (Alario, 2022). Some studies propose that babies who co-sleep have less anxiety, are more comfortable with affection, and have higher self-esteem (Alario, 2022).
    8. While co-sleeping can allow parents/guardians to comfort their infant from bed, this prevents them from having to physically get out of bed during the night to comfort and check on their baby. Getting out of bed less frequently throughout the night can allow parents/guardians to get better quality sleep (Alario, 2022).
    9. Some parents/guardians feel that co-sleeping gives them peace of mind. Co-sleeping allows parents/guardians to closely monitor and know how their baby is sleeping during the night.

    Cultural Differences around Sleep

    Sleeping practices and “norms” can also differ with varying cultures. In many cultures across the globe, co-sleeping is a common practice and is seen as a healthy bonding experience (Sobralske & Gruber, 2005). Many cultures associate co-sleeping with warmth, protection, and a sense of well-being, which are all considered to be incentives for sleeping (Sobralske & Gruber, 2005). Co-sleeping is actually becoming very common in Western cultures (Sobralske & Gruber, 2005). A study found that in the United States, over 35% of families reported co-sleeping and 76% reported co-sleeping at least sometimes (Sobralske & Gruber, 2005). It was also found that in England about 64% of infants sleep with their parents (Sobralske & Gruber, 2005). It is also important to remember that co-sleeping is most likely underreported, especially in the United States due to the stigma around co-sleeping (Sobralske & Gruber, 2005).



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    Baby Led Weaning - Revisited May 09 2022

    While each family must make the decision that makes the most sense for them, research supports that there can be numerous benefits to introducing infants to solids with a baby-led approach. It has even been found that mothers who choose the baby-led weaning approach are happy to encourage other parents and guardians to do the same with their infant...

    Praise versus Encouragement May 09 2022

    Encouragement can teach children to focus on efforts rather than accomplishments and outcomes. This is an important life lesson... Focusing too much on an achievement or outcome can hold you back...

    Meet The Natural Baby : Meet the Intern : Part 3 May 03 2022

    Meet Allison Cress. UGA Intern from the College of Family and Consumer Sciences and  Human Development and Family Sciences major. She is a senior and will be graduating in the Spring 2022. Next year, she will attend nursing school to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.

    Experiences in Baby Led Weaning - Repost July 22 2020 16 Comments

    This original post was made  3/11/2014 and has been transferred to our new platform.


    Maybe you've heard the latest new trend in feeding your baby and possibly you haven't yet. I'll save most of the details into the origins of Baby Led Weaning for later.


    I want to first share my experiences with feeding our two children as they have grown. For reference, they are now 3 1/2 and 18 months.


    The Nursling and I

    We navigated our way to baby-led weaning methods partly by accident with our 2nd child and her stronger attachment to Mommy (and mom's milk)! We starting trying to introduce some baby food purees and mesh food self-feeders at around 7-8 months, as she seemed interested. No Dice.

    Gags, spit ups and wasted food later we waited and then later, tried again. Our results were repeated.


    With our first child, I spent hours making baby food purees and freezing them for "the bottom-less pit" who gobbled down a couple of cubes of purees a day! With our second, by the time we all got home, me from my full-time job, got everyone fed and maybe bathed, making baby food purees was not a priority like with the first born... Especially not if it was going to all go to waste!!!!!!


    1st Born loving purees @ 9/10 months

    By around 9-10 months we amped up our efforts in this department (as it was Summer Break and I just resigned from teaching). I did a little more research and stumbled upon some baby-led weaning information.

    Miracle of miracles! My little 10 month nursling was not alone! Other people (especially with 2nd children and beyond) experience the same behaviors.

    Up until 10 months she had only been breastfeed, bottle-fed while I worked, and offered purees by spoon.  She would always gravitate towards and grab at our food, hence our baby-led weaning origins.


    So simple.


    Some babies, like our first child, are bottom-less pits and will eat anything and everything that you put in front of them as young children. Others, as with our second child, observed what we were eating and was NOT satisfied just eating mush.



    Carolina's favorite foods to HATE as an INFANT:

    Mashed Bananas   ... SO messy!

    Apple puree, Pear puree, Carrot puree

    Green Pea puree    .... utterly gross!

    Mashed Sweet Potato  (she literally gagged and spat as soon as it hit her tongue!)


    The Carolina Food Blog:


    Raw Carrot shaved by her 4, 10mo old teeth

    Starting Slowly with Solids

    Apple shaved but only successful with no peel !!!

    Broccoli- not over cooked, definitely not raw, but just right in for baby bear

    Pastas- usually with a cheese accompaniment

    Chicken/Beef/Pork- (appropriately sized) 14months

    Cheese- Our love of cheese is overbearing now and began at around 14 months

    Berries- Strawberries raspberries, & blueberries

    Cheese- Yep..Still on the cheese kick

    Crackers/Veggie Sticks-  getting better with chewing 15/16 months

    Orange- the more segmented like a raspberry and the less "skin" the better

    Crispier Potato Wedge/Sticks- crunchy and easy to hold and carry around

    Bananas- only about a 1/4 of a banana at a time (1st child would eat the whole thing at this age)

    PB&J- one day she got a hold of sisters sandwich! Success!

    Juice- Orange Juice. no other juice will suffice apparently

    Cheese... She now requests it by name not just by sight/seeing it. 16/17months

    Yogurt- 18 months....more dairy... Really?!


    1st Born aka The Bottomless Pit

    I think you get where this is headed and all of this food was HEAVILY paired with Mom's milk.

    Girl knows what she wants!

    We know still "on demand" nurse a few times during the day (and sometimes its a DEMAND!) once of those feedings is usually to nap and we always nurse to bed. (and sometimes a couple of times a night too depending on mood and teething status)

    We will probably nurse longer than with older sister but we take baby steps.


    What are your experiences with feeding your children? breastfeeding, formula feeding, purees, baby-led weaning? 

    Any and all! Share with us!



    The "Zero Waste" Family January 22 2020

    The Zero Waste movement has gained so much momentum but there are skeptics that say it is impossible for "normal" people to do this and then come the excuses... 

    Sometimes the thought of changing part of our routine lifestyle can be so overwhelming it is easy to think about throwing in the towel before we even start the fight.

    4 Tips as we Prepare for Grovia Retailer Appreciation July 26 2017

    GroVia Retailer Appreciation is coming back to The Natural Baby this August 1st, 2017!
    Get your ducks in a row as this is a great time to stock up on all of your needed gear for diapering and potty learning plus maybe a little summer fun too!

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    3. Shipping 

     Free Shipping is complimentary starting at orders of just $25 in the US. 

    Have Questions? Just ask! 
    We are here to help you and to make getting the gear you need as enjoyable and easy as possible!

    With Love, 
    The Natural Baby


    Four Reasons to Love GroVia Unders : Review and Giveaway March 08 2017 8 Comments

     Welcome to the lineup at The Natural Baby, GroVia Unders which fit great and are so comfy. They just made their arrival Feb 27th and we have enjoyed our time to play and really get to know Unders this past month.

    They are great for lounging around the house in and can be easily mixed and matched and used in layering. Here are our 4 reasons why you should try Unders and stay tuned for how to enter our giveaway after the review!

    GroVia Unders Review and Giveaway

    1. Fit

    The Underwear and Tank is roomy and moderately sized. We have both kids pictured in our photography wearing 3T sets and both weigh around 32-35lbs.

    My 4 yo daughter, Carolina, typically can wear 3-4T clothing and is slim and average height. Carolina could probably wear a 4T tank for length since she has been growing a lot vertically this year, but would probably not enjoy the extra room in a 4T underwear.

    My 2 year old son, Atticus, typically wears 2T-3T clothing and is still a little shorter and wider. Atticus just fits in the 3T and since he is a pretty good candidate for the 3T size Unders tank and underwear.

    GroVia Unders Cotton Underwear and Tanks

    2. Feel

    Both of my kids loved the way the cotton feels  and had no complaints about feel which is huge considering my 4yo has always been particular about fit, seams, and tags (& socks and shoes etc...)

    Also, because of the leg area on the underwear, will not give wedgies easily which is nice for lounging around or lots of movement without shifting and becoming uncomfortable.

    GroVia Unders PLay

    3. Fun

    In a world full of commercially sold characters and big name brands it is refreshing for a company to make an effort to deviate from this. This is the best reason why I as mom love Unders. Kids are so impressionable and I appreciate the approach of fun prints without commercial characters. Children have vivid imaginations without a character being plastered on your short or underwear.

    My two year old, Atticus is pictured here wielding an imaginary shield and 4 year old Carolina has fist in the air and is about to fly off to save an animal in trouble no doubt! Our shirt and underwear don't have to define who or what we are and same for kids. We are cool just like this, letting imaginations run free and exploring the world around us.

    GroVia Unders : Super Unders

    We have a Dinos set and Surfboard set but truth be told in our house, Dinosaurs win, hands down.
    My six year old daughter wishes she could join the fun in a pink set of Cupcakes in a size 7/8 ;)

    GroVia Unders comfy & fun

    4. Fearless

    My 2yo Atticus is not yet interested in pottying regularly so this are in our toolbox and will make a great push into pottying when he is ready. He talks about underwear and often times asks to wear underwear because everyone else wears it but we talk about it often and emphasize that when he is ready to i.e. The "bear potty" then he can wear "big boy underwear".

    Potty learning takes time but with him we aren't far enough along yet for him to get use out of underwear but the tanks being sold separately helps since he is t ready for his "big boy underwear" yet.

    I recommend Unders once your child is confident with potty training and they have learned how to use the toilet, as there is no waterproofing in Unders underwear. They are super easy to pull up and down by your toddler and may even help make the push to potty because of the fun prints!


    GroVia Unders are unlike anything on the market today and will be a comfortable addition to your child's underwear drawer. At $13.95 a pair you can decide which pieces and parts you need and how and when to incorporate them.

    I personally can now buy with confidence, knowing that my kids will enjoy wearing them and that they will last long enough to be enjoyed as compared to the cheap underwear we have tried with so many complaints, poor fit, and poor workmanship.


    GroVia Unders giveaway from The Natural Baby


    How to enter our Giveaway:

    1. Comment below and
      a. tell us how you found our post/ who tagged you to send you here! 
      b. tell us your plans for potty learning or your former success and progress with potty learning your toddlers for a chance to win a set of Unders from The Natural Baby in the size of your choice!
    2. Share this Blog post with your village and your community of "baby people".

    Deadline for entries is Tuesday March 13th at midnight. Winners will be drawn at random and be announced here, on our facebook, page and contacted by email about how to claim your prize.



    Huge Sale on Cloth Diapers, Baby Carriers, Diaper Bags and More! January 27 2017

    winter clearance sale at the natural baby cheap cloth diaper sale

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    Our sale is making room for excited new products and brands to keep 2017 geared towards nurturing family and curating a selection of products that the natural family desires. 

    As you travel your parenting journey if you find a product that you would love to see us carry we would love you input and suggestions! We love local brands, handmade, and definitely have a sweet spot for organic, sustainable, and reusable.

    Watch us as we grow and change to meet our parents growing & changing needs in a modern world. 

    We want to help you nurture your family so you and your family can thrive, live simply and feel love. 

    We would love to hear from you soon & hope you can join our sale!

    Drop In Child Care Coming to The Natural Baby January 17 2017

    For all of our local families, we are so excited to announce the launch of "Nurture Hours" our own drop in child care option for Athens families which will be starting on February 1st, 2017!

    Similar to traditional "Mother's Morning Out" Programs, Nurture Hours will be offered two days a week for 4 hours at a time. We aim to provide a "stepping stone" and a flexible option that families can utilize no matter their long term care plans, family structure, parenting styles, or possible religious affiliations.

    At Nurture Hours we will uphold the mission of The Natural Baby which is to ultimately nurture family. We find the utmost importance in nurturing families especially postpartum mothers and care providers to young children. Parents give so much of themselves and often times neglect their own needs for self care among other things.

    natural baby, natural family, natural parents, georgiaIn times of great stress and exhaustion it is vitally important to take care of yourself when you are in a care providers role. Through nourishment of your body, mind, and all aspects of ones self you can better provide loving and nurturing support in your preferred parenting style and often times can find more joy and love from that role, when you first take time for yourself.

    Since parents are so often strapped for time, resources & reliable babysitters or care providers, The Natural Baby hopes to bridge that gap so that parents of young children can have time to take care of themselves and ultimately nurture their family unit- what ever your family unit may look like. 

    We also feel that child care shouldn't be a sacrifice in your standards of care and attention for young children. When looking for care ourselves we were surprised just how limited the options were unless you were looking for full time care in a large facility. Similar to planning our birth we were looking for something smaller scale and a little more of an intimate experience where we knew that the time, attention, and relationships would be priority. Nurture Hours aims to do all of that for you and your family. As we grow we may be able to offer more days or more options but truly keeping our drop in care small scale is at the heart of why we wanted to start this. 


    Here are the details you may find most helpful about Nurture Hours:

    - Convenient Normaltown Location - 1590 Prince Avenue
    - Drop in Care - No commitment required drop in as needed or wanted
    - Offered Mondays & Wednesdays, 9am - 1pm
    - Small Scale - Maximum 7 children 
    - Mixed Age Group - Ages 6 weeks to 5 years
    - Low Ratios - 2 teacher : 7 child maximum
    - Consistent Staff 
    - Knowledgeable Staff supporting families through breastfeeding, positive child guidance, cloth diapering, babywearing and first aid
    - Connection to Nature - 45 minutes average time spent outdoors a day
    - Reserved Options Available

    Stop by and take a tour during our normal retail shop hours and see more about or space and meet the staff or make an appointment ! We aim to help you find the childcare that meets your need best and we also have information of some other great early learning options in the Athens area if our program isn't a good fit. So if you are looking for something different just let us know and we would love to connect you with some of our local Athens early learning pals!

    Sensory Play Group at The Natural Baby Infant and Toddler We also offer Infant & Toddler Sensory Play Group which is a great first step to "try out" our space and come with your child to get more comfortable with our space and care providers. 

    Please read more about our philosophy and requirements on our information page and as we build our program and prep for opening please let us know if you have any questions!!! Contact us or leave us a comment down below!

    What questions do you have and what are /were your biggest fears about starting a new child care option? For us as parents we have felt the full range of emotions about leaving our child with someone new and we would love to hear about your thoughts, feelings and personal experiences!

    Preventing Dog Bites & Holidays Tips December 21 2016

    Tina Spring will be in our Athens, Georgia store and we will be broadcasting "Everything Dogs & Family" on Facebook Live so you can join us to learn more and ask questions even if you cant make it in person!

    2016 Holiday Gift Guide December 15 2016


    Natural Baby HOliday Gift Guide

    Gift giving around the holidays is one way to show others we care. Whether you give time with loved ones, handmade items or a thoughtful gift you can show others how yo love and care for them. 

    The holiday season is one of the best and most popular times to give and receive gifts other than the day of ones birth and there are always so many new parents looking to start new traditions and excitement as they begin to start their own family and their own traditions. 

    Here is our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide full of gift ideas that are sure to nurture your family, the environment and the lifestyle and choices you hold important. Many of these great giftable items will make great heirloom baby gifts and are sure to last though a generation of tots!

    Holiday Shopping is coming to a close! If you want to ensure your gift is receive in time for Christmas please finalize your orders before December 20th!


    Clover & Birch

    Clover & Birch Deer Teether and Clover & Birch Fox Teether

    These two teether are quite adorable don't you agree? We can barely keep these on our shelves and your little teething babe will feel the same way about them both. These irresistible wooden teethers make great gifts for baby as once they are finished gnawing and chewing on these safe maple wooden teethers they can be used for play. Start your woodland collection just in time for baby's first Christmas and holiday gift giving!

    Clover & Birch Wooden Deer Teether Clover & birch Fox Wooden Teether

    Clover & Birch Busy Bags - These busy bags are a great gift and make even greater surprises for traveling by plane or road trips with young children. Each piece is sized appropriately for young hands and are made from all natural wooden and finished with organic coconut oil so you don't have to worry about what your child may accidentally put in his or her mouth (as much!)  The bowl and scoop are a definite crowd favorite and the peg dolls have often been spotted having tea at their cube cafe table underneath a rainbow umbrella! Let your little one's imagination flourish with this open ended play set from Clover & Birch.

    Clover & BIrch Busy Bag Set, Peg Doll, Teether, Bowl Scoop waldorf

    Clover & Birch Wooden Peg Sorting Board - this may be one of our favorite open ended play items. The pegs are perfect for practicing fine motor skills in infants, practicing building, stacking, & knocking over for older infants and toddlers and grouping and organizing for older toddler and young children. The minimalist approach to this toy is sure to keep these peg cylinders in active rotation for bridge building and so much more for years to come.  

    The adorable Waldorf Kindness Elves pictured are also a sneak appearance from Mia La's Etsy Shop.

    Clover & Birch Wooden Peg Sorting Board

    Clover & Birch Balance Board - Perfect for balance, gross motor skills and plenty of open ended imaginary play this board is great for children of all ages but especially children over age 1 who are walking and exploring. 

    Clover & Birch Balance Board  Clover & birch Balance Board



    Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles- Glass Bottles are the ultimate is safe drinking. There is no need to worry about baby bottles with plastics, BPA, phlathlates, leeched chemicals, nutrient leeching into bottle, and hand washing baby bottles anymore. The Lifefactory glass is so durable it is resistant to breakage (we have thoroughly tested this concept on many surface included pavement, gravel and asphalt) and the bottles are lined with a colorful silicone sleeve for easy gripping and extra shock absorber. All parts are dishwasher safe and no need to remove silicone for dishwashing. 

    Lifefactory Glass BottleLifefactory Sippy Cup Cap

    Lifefactory Sippy Caps - Convert your Lifefactory Glass Bottle into a starter sippy cup for your little one and don't fret about leaks. The silicone seal prevents leaks while your little one figures out how to transition from bottle to cup with these ingenious sippy caps that grow with baby and fit all of your Lifefactory Baby Bottles!


    Aden & Anais

    Aden + Anais Cuddly Companion - These super soft cuddling buddies are the perfect generous size for young kids to simply adore for years to come. Each Cuddly Companion comes with a coordinating swaddle blanket that will also surely be enjoyed past baby's swaddling days as a cape, a tent, or any numerous other outlets for play. 

    ADen + Anais Cuddly Companion Lion ADen + Anais Cuddly Companion Owl ADen + Anais Cuddly Companion Monkey ADen + Anais Cuddly Companion Giraffe

    Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets - There is something about muslin and the softness it provides and the breathability make for a lightweight yet cozy addition to any nursery or layette collection. 


    Aden + Anais Bandana Bibs - Aden + Anais muslin cotton bandana bibs are the perfect gift for babies who may be messy dribblers when they eat or just extra drool-y due to teething. The Bandana Bibs work great to not only compliment to baby's clothing & style but functionally helps to prevent extra clothing changes and staining due to food, drool, and spit up. These special bandana bibs are a collaboration set with Tea Collection clothing and are sure to add a little pizzaz to baby's wardrobe.


    Tula Baby

    Tula Blanket Sets - Tula Baby Blankets are made from the softest viscose bamboo and have the most luxurious drape and feel of any blanket I have ever felt. They have the adorable prints and patterns to coordinate with many Tula Carriers or just your style. The prints are fun and cheerful and come in sets of 3 with coordinating solids and 1 printed blanket.

    Tula Blanket Set, saguaroTula Blanket Set, FairbanksTula Blanket Set, Hipster

    Tula Baby Carriers - A soft-structured carrier is a great gift for baby but also for caregivers. Whether you are hiking scenic views or just in the daily routine Tula Soft Structured Carriers are designed for the ultimate in convenience, comfort, and style while baby feels cozy and secure nestled next to their caregiver. 

    Tula Mini Baby Doll Carrier - A while you are at it, your toddler is just itching to wear his or her baby too, so the Tula Mini Doll Carrier is a great addition for your natural toddler and child. Make babywearing a family tradition and wear all the babies! 

    Tula Cacti Standard Baby Carrier  Tula Mini Doll Carrier Tula Mini Doll Carrier


    Aura Cacia

    Roman Chamomile Essential Oil 
     - talk about peace and calm and chamomile is the greatest gift I can imagine with all of its calming properties and all bottled and concentrated for long term use. Dilute as needed or diffuse whenever you or baby need to stop and calm down from the hustle of daily life or the inflammation from teething. 

    Lavender Foaming Bath 
    - whether a packet for a special bath or a whole jar for bubbling lavender baths all the time this foaming bath is a recipe for silky soft skin and a super calmed baby (or bather)

    The Natural Baby

    The Natural Baby Skin Salve
    - great salve for sensitive skin, diaper rashes and perfect for eczema sufferers this salve has a mildly sweet but earthy aroma to it and has healing properties of neem oil. This salve is perfect for use after bath and towel drying and is rich with jojoba, shea, lavender, tea tree, neem and sweet almond oil to nourish and moisturize your skin. 

    The Natural Baby Skin Salve


    Thirsties Outdoor Adventure Collection - You and your natural baby love the outdoors so why not show it? and what better way than on your totally natural, reusable, zero waste and Made in the USA diapers? Thirsties has a variety of diapering fabrics and styles and accessories to meet your needs & budget plus all the adorable colors and prints you are sure to love to give and receive!

    Thirsties Outdoor ADventure Collection & Holiday PRints Winter Woods and Scarlet



    Tula Blanket Review December 09 2016

    Tula Blanket Sets

    We have waited a while for production to keep up with demand so we could help you out and be able to score some awesome bamboo, silky soft Tula Baby Blanket Sets!

    "What is a Tula Blanket?" you say... "How does the Tula Blanket compare to other swaddles?"  "Where can I find Tula Blankets?" 

    What is a Tula Blanket?

    A Tula Blanket is a 47 x47 inch bamboo blanket that is woven into different patterns with different colors, textures and prints on them. Tula Blankets come in sets of 3 with a cotton storage bag and make great gifts for baby showers, blessingways, birthdays, or holidays. With how soft and silky these blankets are and how beautifully they drape, the recipient of these blankets is sure to love them for many years to come!

    Sets typically contain two solid colors, typically bold but sometimes whimsical or dainty, and always include one headliner printed blanket. All three blankets have a jacquard weave in fun patterns and coordinate with the theme of the set.

    Saguaro Solids:

    Saguaro Saguaro Green  

    Fairbanks Solids:

    Fairbanks River Blue Bear Fairbanks Olive Green Pine Tree

    Why Tula Blankets?

    Other popular brands of swaddling blankets like Aden and Anais and numerous others are typically made from either cotton, rayon from bamboo, or organic cotton and are a looser weave of fabric called muslin. If you have ever felt gauze before it is very similar in look but the muslin used in the boutique blankets are much higher quality, more tightly woven, and have a higher thread count compared to your standard bandage or Gerber Birdseye Prefold.

    The Aden + Anais Bamboo Swaddle Blankets are very comparable to Tula Blankets but Tula Blankets are a bit softer, a smidge larger, less likely to pick or pull, and have a whole different style when it comes to print options.

    Finding Tula Blankets?

    Here is a glimpse at our latest shipments of Tula Blanket Sets and see for yourself some of the soft & snuggly that could be headed your way! Prints are limited so once a print is gone it is likely not to return. So if you see one that speaks to you, your lifestyle, personal interests, or hobbies- snag it up! 

    Saguaro Tula Blanket Set:

    Tula Blanket Set Saguaro Tula Saguaro Cactus Succulent Cacti

    Fairbanks Tula Blanket Set:

    Tula Blanket Set Fairbanks Tula Blanket Fairbanks Set

    Hipster Tula Blanket Set:

    Hipster Tula Blanket Set Tula Blanket Hipster Print Mustache, Bowtie, Deer, Bicycle


    You can find Tula Blankets directly from our website, or from other Tula Retailers.

    ***REMEMBER*** When you choose to shop small you are not only getting that awesomely soft and silky feeling Tula Blanket but you are also supporting small and local economies, providing local jobs and resources, typically better and more personal customer services as well as a smaller overall business and a closer more intimate sense of community. 
    Read more about the top reasons why you should be shopping small and local from

    Countdown to GroVia Calico and Tex November 03 2016 6 Comments

    Ok guys and gals, it is the end of Thursday and we are T-minus 3 days and a few hours until GroVia Tex and Calico launch on Monday November 7th!

    GroVia Tex and Calico

    In honor of this awesome release and these two new prints, we are giving away two awesome bandana bibs as prizes and the perfect partner with your GroVia Tex or Calico!
    These beautiful flour sack towel inspired prints are the perfect pairing for your GroVia cloth diapers and are made from 100 % cotton and have two size settings and while they are adorable they will most definitely catch drools and dribbles too! 

    GroVia Giveaway Tex and Calico


    *********************To Enter:****************

    Comment below and tell us :
    1. What your GroVia diaper style of choice is,
    2. Which print you will be adding to your collection on Monday,
    3. Then *Share* this giveaway opportunity with your GroVia and Cloth Diapering friends!

    Winners will be drawn randomly and announced at release time

    (Monday, Nov 7th)
    So check your emails and be sure to sign up for our GroVia specific newsletter for all the fun and giveaways for all things GroVia!


    **** UPDATE****** 
    Winners have been randomly drawn and first up 
    1. Calico Bib goes to  Brandon!
    2. Tex Bib goes to Amber!

    Check your emails for more information about how to claim your prizes! 

    Also to join our GroVia specific newsletter please sign up for our e-newsletter at the link below :

    New bumGenius Elemental Review October 29 2016 7 Comments

    We hope you are enjoying fall in your neck of the woods and gearing up for all the fall festivities.
    Here at The Natural Baby we are smitten over the new bumGenius Elemental today and have finally had a chance to prep and use the new 3.0 Elemental on our still-in-diapers baby (aka toddler who is about 22 months old).

    Here is a basic introduction to the New bumGenius Elemental for those who may have never tried it before:

    - All in One cloth diaper (super easy to use and wash)
    - One Size design (fits from about 8 lbs to 35+ lbs)
    - all Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton inside
    - durable and water resistant polyester PUL outer
    - gentle proprietary elastic special made for bumGenius cloth diapers 
    - easier access built into design, to elastics when change is necessary
    - less PUL touching baby's delicate skin
    - increased absorbency (same number of layers of fabric total (6) but a slightly larger imprint/footprint as compared to 2.0)
    - durable plastic snaps sure to last the test of time

    Our personal experience with the New 3.0 design Elemental and design tweaks:
    - increased absorbency (compared to 2.0)
    - improved fit with new elastics
    - gentler fit around legs with hidden seam

    Our 2.0 Elementals have had so much love... and by love, I mean abuse. Literally.
    My current Elementals in our rotation are so well loved they were beginning to show some serious signs of wear. They still perform well enough to stay in our minimalist cloth diaper stash (about 30 diapers total and about 40% of that is of bumGenius Elementals (2.0 version)).

    The exposed PUL on our 2.0s show definite signs of wear, since I would often find the diaper had flipped inside out in the wash, and PUL was on the outside and cotton would flip to the "inside". This created a good bit of friction directly on the PUL.
    My 1.0 version Elemental had MAJOR edge-wear from the cotton directly on the seam and from the sewn insert directly on the cotton liner so that wasn't good either. 

    My projections from the newest 3.0 design is that is will wear down much slower. I can imagine that this diaper will be less likely to flip around in the wash and hence show less direct wear on the elastics and PUL. 

    Top 3 reasons to try the NEW bumGenius Elemental:
    1. increased longevity
    2. improved absorbency (surface area and configuration)
    3. improved fit (elastics, casing, & cotton inner)

    *****************GIVEAWAY TIME ***********************
    Wanna try a NEW 3.0 bumGenius Elemental for your baby?

    Simply comment below and tell us where you stand with cloth diapers, if you have ever tried any cloth diapers, and specific experiences you have had with former Elemental designs!

    Winner will be drawn randomly on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016. 

    Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get all the latest info and reviews! and let us know if you have a product you want us to review or compare for you!

    and be sure to check out the new Elemental colors currently available on our website!

    Winner drawn! Congrats to Comment #4 Nicole K. for our random drawing! We will be emailing you with instructions about how to claim your new Elemental in either Austen or Equiano!

    Thanks all who participated and stick around for more! Join our Newsletter for more fun, community, chat and giveaways!


    The Diva Cup and Diva Wash Review & Giveaway October 26 2016 12 Comments


    Afterbirth : Fertility, Breastfeeding, Periods and more Blog Series

    Read more about Fertility After Childbirth,
    Breastfeeding, and Periods
    in our Women's Health Blog Series

    Diva Cup and Diva Wash Review and Giveaway

    My FULL experiences with the Diva Cup Size 2 and Diva Wash & Giveaway!

    Round 1 : Day Two of my period, afternoon

    Insertion and the "C fold"

    After inserting and getting a feel for me and the lay and direction of my vagina and uterus, I pushed inward with the cup folded in a "C" shape and continued until I felt I couldn't get any further back. I keep trying to adjust further back but wasn't getting any further. I probably was a little tense and didn't fully relax which is why I didn't get the cup all the way back. 

    At some point while sitting down later to nurse, I think I felt the seal break and the cup shift a bit.  The cup resealed on its own when I stood but I do think this was the reason for a small leak (probably due to not inserting fully.)

    After a few hours the cup was only about half way up the cup at the 1/4oz mark. I emptied, washed and tried again but this time with a few relaxing breaths! 

    Round 2 : Later that day. Diva Cup Review

    This time when reinserting I figured I would try the folded rim "punch-down" fold method (angles the cup rim like a chisel tip marker)

    In theory, I like the idea of this fold better since you can hold the fold of the cup further back towards the base of the cup.  I began to insert the cup but my fingers slipped a little on the wet cup and the upper rim snapped back pretty quickly and snapped on me! HELLO!

    If it were first thing in the morning I may have abandoned ship after a slap like that but I took it out and tried again with the C fold and planned to revisit the "Punch-down" fold later.

    I went to bed and wore a cloth pad as a backup since usually day 3 of my period is the heaviest.


    Round 3 : Dreary eyed, lights on, and first thing in the morning...

    I woke up at 5 am to the feeling of gushing and I went straight to the bathroom and figured the cup was full and boy was I right!

    The pad was soaked and the cup literally runneth over! I have a history of my cycle erring on the heavy side and especially first thing in the morning on the heavy day. 
    I was fresh up and out of bed so I probably wasn't at my mental peak.

    Thank goodness for the ridged stem otherwise I may not have been able to get the cup out since the cup had definitely leaked out and things were a bit slippery. 

    But yeah... I had a moment like you might imagine from a horror movie trying to take out my Diva Cup. Imagine that character that just touched their bleeding wound and then their hands are just covered in blood. Yup.... that was me. 

    Then I remembered a video I had watched that mentioned "bearing down" to make the cup easier to get to (pushes the cup down towards the vaginal opening) and makes the cup easier to remove. That did the trick and I broke the seal grasped the ridges stem and emptied the overflowing cup. 

    I was amazed at how viscose the blood was and how little I actually knew about my own body! At about consistency of room temperature vegetable oil, the blood easily dumped out and then there was a leftover coating mostly on the inside of the cup. I wiped it out with toilet paper just so I didn't trail anything from the toilet to the sink.  

    I then tested out the Diva Wash and found out that it probably falls in line with that old saying from grade school: "A little dab will do ya" cause I had enough Diva wash gel to go around a few times. It cleans incredibly well and leaves no residue behind once fully washed.

    When reinserting I tried the C fold again and was having difficulty. (Good morning 5am.)

    I tried the punch down fold and still couldn't get the cup all the way back. I then realized that my uterus had shifted to the right side of my body (full bladder maybe to blame?) and my being right handed was having a really tough time angling the cup to get it all the way back. As soon as I tried again with my incompetent Left hand, it went in fine and I washed up and went back to my day. 

    I was however pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to clean with just toilet paper or a cloth wipe which is great to know especially when in a public bathroom or another location if you can't get to a sink to wash your cup.


    Round 4 : Light Day & Getting into a Diva Cup Groove
    This was by far the easiest day to deal with the cup. After my super heavy day and feeling my flow slow down I tested how long I felt I could go before I needed to change. I believe it was about 12 hours and the cup still had plenty of room for more flow. So I washed and reinserted once more and had finally gotten the hang of both folds and inserting and making sure I found the right sweet spot where I didn't feel the cup and where I could (literally) enjoy jumping jacks with my daughter without fear of the cup shifting, moving or leaking!


    Pros to the Diva Cup:  Diva Cup Picture

    - Ridged Stem and Base (for easier grip & removal)
    - High Quality, Durable Silicone (no fear of cup breaking/tearing)
    - Easy to Clean
    - Simple Design
    - Short Stem - no trimming necessary
    - Great beginner info included in and on the box

    Cons to the Diva Cup:
    - Difficult to Fold because of thickness/rigid
    - Harder to Break Seal when removing due to thicker silicone

    Diva Wash
    The Diva Wash has a fresh citrus scent and was super easy to use. Just open, squeeze and wash. It has a thick consistency and a little goes a long way. It reminds me of a good shower gel with a light, fresh scent and absolutely no residue leftover once thoroughly washed and rinsed.

    The bottle is nice and is great for traveling and it is definitely convenient to have such a versatile wash with you wherever you may go while on your period. 


    It is also labeled for use as a face wash and after having a little facial break out I decided I would give it a try. My face felt so clean and not too dry like with some soaps and not too oily like some homemade sugar scrubs I have tried.



    I am amazed at how little I knew about how viscous blood is and my body in general. When I learned about "Symptothermal" based methods for tracking fertility to achieve or avoid pregnancy. I learned so much and wondered why I hadn't learned about it sooner!

    I feel similarly after trying the Diva Cup. Menstrual cups have been around for ages but they are just becoming more mainstream and available more places with the support and education about healthy sustainable periods. I am so thankful that I have learned and that I can now share with you all about my experiences and why I feel that you should try too!

    Ditch the tampons. Disposable products are just awful for sustainability sake and take a huge environmental impact. Then there is your body and tampons absorb blood and fluids, are typically bleached, and run the risk for all kinds of complications like Toxic Shock Syndrome. Your body will thank you after you switch. No chemicals. No waste. 


    Giveaway Time:

    Comment below and let us know how you found our blog, if you have tried reusable menstrual products before or any questions you may have!

    We will select one lucky winner who will receive a complimentary Diva Cup and Diva Wash to try for yourself! Giveaway entries end Friday, October 28th 2016!

    ****UPDATE: ***** 11/3/16
    Congratulations to Comment number 11:

    Rachel I hope you enjoy your Diva Cup AND can tell all the other women in your life the greatness that is reusable menstrual products! <3 Thanks to everyone that joined our conversation and be sure to join our mailing list and subscribe to our posts on your favorite outlets to catch all the  exciting new giveaways!


    GOOD LUCK & Cycle Happy! 


    Allison Viores, Owner at The Natural Baby


    Then learn more about your fertility and cycle at some super helpful sites below: (not affiliated in any way)

    Put a Cup In It :

    Taking Charge of Your Fertility :

    Undoo the Taboo about Periods :

    And specifically this article about hormones and your period health :





    The Natural Baby's Post ABC Wrap Up October 25 2016

    Check out all the new and exciting things in the lineup from your favorite brands that you know and love. All of these brands have been bursting with excitement for the new year and all the new and exciting products to offer. 

    New from GroVia:

    GroVia Calico and Tex
    New Prints
    Tex and Calico are two new GroVia print designs that originated from vintage inspired flour sack designs. A shout out to a simpler time and place and adorable prints for all of your favorite GroVia products!

    Unders from GroVia
    Also NEW from GroVia and coming in 2017 are new "Unders" Gender neutral underwear and tops for your child who has mastered potty learning.
    Sure to please with comfortable 100% cotton fabric, no sewn-in tags, no synthetic fabrics or waistbands for a comfort fit everywhere, and mix and match styles sure to please!

    These will come in 2 packs of Underwear in coordinating colors and tanks in a 2 pack of coordinating color/print and will be sold for 13.95 each. 

    We are pretty stinking excited about this since many of our local montessori and waldorf education schools request non-character underwear for child to be sent to school in during potty learning ages!

    New from bumGenius and Flip Diapers:

    Genius Series Prints Equiano and Austen 

    New Genius Series prints
    Equiano and Austen are the two newest prints to join the bum-Genius Hall of Fame! Equiano was an abolitionist who was coined the first real start to African literature with his auto-biography. 
    Jane Austen is the other genius who most notably is a novelist who pushed for realism in a time of romanticism. Her literary works were not so popular at the time but after a family member published a memoir her works gained much more attention and global popularity ensued!

    Both of these prints are now available for purchase at The Natural Baby in all bumGenius and Flip Diapers designs and even in Outing Wet Bags!

    New Elemental Design
    Now being dubbed the Elemental 3.0, this most recent redesign has the best features from both of its previous Elemental versions which will lead to less leaks and more comfort for baby as well as increased longevity for your 100% cotton all in one diaper!

    New Solid Color
    Finally they did it! bumGenius finally realized that people want a solid black diaper. So introducing Fearless, the bold black diaper that will be a perfect addition to your diaper stash and add some boldness and elegance to the mix as well!

    New from Thirsties :

    Thirsties Outdoor Collection

    The Outdoor Collection

    This new collection includes 4 new prints and one new solid to spice up the existing lineup and shout out to the great outdoors and all of the many ways that you and your kiddos already love to revel in!

    Pictured above is the entire set next to some familiar favorites*

    From Top to Bottom: 
    Mountain Bike
    Midnight Blue
    Adventure Trial
    Fin * 
    Happy Camper
    Aqua *

    These will be available for purchase soon so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list and watch our social media outlets for updates about when these arrive (estimated early-mid November)


    New from Tula Baby Carriers and Woven Wraps:

    Tula Twiggy

    New Prints

    Tula is unique in that they are coming out with new things all the time. Here is there latest Tula Carrier that they just debuted at the ABC expo called "Twiggy." I also expect to see more Tula woven blankets coming out steadily in 2017 and maybe another release or two before the year is out!

    Tula Mini Doll Carrier

    New Tula Mini - Child's Sized Baby Doll Carriers

    Coming soon are Tula's lineup and our shelves are the kiddie sized carrier so that your little ones can wear their babies too! 

    Lifefactory Silicone Teether Review and Video October 08 2016

    Lifefactory Silicone Teethers are perfect for you teething baby for all the many ages and stages.

    Usually most babies start drooling, teething, gnawing and rubbing their gums anywhere from 2-6 months of age. Typically teeth don't begin to emerge and finally erupt (break the skin) until more like ages 7-11months or longer.
    Teething also typically last intensely through age 2 with (2nd year molars). 

    The Lifefactory Silicone Teether is an excellent choice to start with as it is pliable and flexible enough that even young babies can bend and flex the ring to accommodate their needs and it is soft enough that it will not hurt them when their sometimes uncoordinated motions lead to flapping and swinging of the teether grasped in their hands. 

    There are a combined 5 textures for babies to enjoy from smooth and 4 different textures including a waffle-iron pattern, striped ridges, small beads, and large circles. 

    Lifefactory Silicone Teether
    Check out this video of a baby in our shop who perfectly showcased how the Lifefactory Teether works for teething gums. The babe shown here is about 8 months old and his first tooth has just erupted and he is working on all the others!
    Watch him work!

    Hypnobabies Class at The Natural Baby September 03 2016

    Meet Nicole!Hypnobabies Classes Nicole

    Wonderful mother, doula, childbirth educator and amazing teacher who will guide you through the newest phase of the lifecycle: pregnancy, childbirth, and the start to your parenting journey!

    Hypnobabies are currently hosted at The Natural Baby on Wednesday nights for 6 weeks. Each class lasts about 3 1/2 hours and covers topics from pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum & breastfeeding. and each class time is spent learning and practicing your hypnosis techniques for childbirth.

    Many who have utilized hypnobabies techniques tend to have birth experiences that are relaxing, pain free and even enjoyable!

    If you have questions please feel free to reach out to us or Nicole directly on her website

     and check out classes forming for our next intimate session of Hypnobabies Childbirth Preparation Course in Athens, Georgia!

    Enroll Now with Nicole and we will see you at The Natural Baby for Hypnobabies!

    Let us know in the comments below that you found our post and we would just totally dig that! ;) Groovy Baby!

    The Art of the "Brelfie" : Breastfeeding Selfies August 13 2016

    The UN just promoted the sharing of "brelfies" to help end stigmas of breastfeeding & to help raise awareness and public acceptance for breastfeeding mother everywhere by encourage breastfeeding mothers to share their breastfeeding selfies on social media!

    Join us at The Natural Baby as we show off our love of all things breastfeeding, and feeding with love and respect to our bodies, babies and needs! 

    Share with us your brelfies and any stories of your breastfeeding journey with us! Help us end the stigmas surrounding breastfeeding and support women and babies who choose to breastfeed and especially public acceptance of breastfeeding!

    Share this, Tag your "brelfie" friends, and help us keep this movement going and support those mothers, babies, and their well being!

    Love a particular product that made your breastfeeding journey easier, safe, or more comfortable? We would love to hear about those too!

    Help us out and join our hashtag on your favorite social media platforms too!

    2016 Athens, GA Rally August 09 2016

    Improving Birth Athens

    Save the Date : Labor Day 2016

    The Improving Birth Athens Georgia Rally is back and we hope it is bigger and better than ever this year!

    Join us as we Rally to Improve Birth and maternity care and outcomes! All pregnant and birthing women deserve a high level of evidence-based care, safety for themselves and for babies, and ultimate respect when it comes to making informed choices and consenting to decisions made about their birth.

    Maybe you had a great birthing outcome? Maybe you are longing for a different experience? No matter your specific experiences it is very hard to deny the fact:  we can do better!

    Once birth is over you cannot go back and change the circumstances. So many times women are left feeling remorse or regret or even worse feel they have been victims of bullying and abuse in their moments of most need. 

    If you are someone who feels they may have had their rights violated or a traumatic birth experience has resources that you may find helpful

    Check out their sections on: 
    "VBAC & Induction Facts" 
    "Filling a Complaint"
    "Traumatic Birth Toolkit"

    Join us for the 2016 Rally to Improve Birth & find out how you can get involved in Athens!

    1. Athens, GA Facebook Page

    2. Sell your stuff at our Labor Day Community Market, yard sale for families and expo for businesses.
    Sign up on our Google Form to reserve your sellers space!

    3. Then Rally to Improve Birth! Hold your sign high to increase awareness, and be an advocate for improved care for women, babies, and families everywhere!

    Themes for this year include Access to VBAC, and evidence based birth options, informed consent and refusal, (general respect overall) in all aspects of maternity care for all women, everywhere!