The Art of the "Brelfie" : Breastfeeding Selfies August 13 2016

The UN just promoted the sharing of "brelfies" to help end stigmas of breastfeeding & to help raise awareness and public acceptance for breastfeeding mother everywhere by encourage breastfeeding mothers to share their breastfeeding selfies on social media!

Join us at The Natural Baby as we show off our love of all things breastfeeding, and feeding with love and respect to our bodies, babies and needs! 

Share with us your brelfies and any stories of your breastfeeding journey with us! Help us end the stigmas surrounding breastfeeding and support women and babies who choose to breastfeed and especially public acceptance of breastfeeding!

Share this, Tag your "brelfie" friends, and help us keep this movement going and support those mothers, babies, and their well being!

Love a particular product that made your breastfeeding journey easier, safe, or more comfortable? We would love to hear about those too!

Help us out and join our hashtag on your favorite social media platforms too!