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Some Cloth Diapering FAQs... December 14 2011

Getting Started
Okay, so you have decided what style or combination of styles you want to use for your little one. Now what?

Newborns go through approximately 12 diapers/day. Depending on how many days you want to go between washing, that means anywhere from 12-36 diapers total. We can tell you from experience, that after two days, your diaper pail will begin stink a little. AND, your...

Cloth Diapers for Christmas? November 29 2011

I know it may sound crazy, but cloth diapers do make wonderful gifts! Although we often brag about how much money can be saved by choosing reusable diapers, the wide variety of styles and colors make it almost impossible to resist collecting! Once a family has established "a stash" - those diapers required for cloth diapering success - it is very common to begin adding diapers, covers, and...