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The Diva Cup and Diva Wash Review & Giveaway October 26 2016 12 Comments


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Diva Cup and Diva Wash Review and Giveaway

My FULL experiences with the Diva Cup Size 2 and Diva Wash & Giveaway!

Round 1 : Day Two of my period, afternoon

Insertion and the "C fold"

After inserting and getting a feel for me and the lay and direction of my vagina and uterus, I pushed inward with the cup folded in a "C" shape and continued until I felt I couldn't get any further back. I keep trying to adjust further back but wasn't getting any further. I probably was a little tense and didn't fully relax which is why I didn't get the cup all the way back. 

At some point while sitting down later to nurse, I think I felt the seal break and the cup shift a bit.  The cup resealed on its own when I stood but I do think this was the reason for a small leak (probably due to not inserting fully.)

After a few hours the cup was only about half way up the cup at the 1/4oz mark. I emptied, washed and tried again but this time with a few relaxing breaths! 

Round 2 : Later that day. Diva Cup Review

This time when reinserting I figured I would try the folded rim "punch-down" fold method (angles the cup rim like a chisel tip marker)

In theory, I like the idea of this fold better since you can hold the fold of the cup further back towards the base of the cup.  I began to insert the cup but my fingers slipped a little on the wet cup and the upper rim snapped back pretty quickly and snapped on me! HELLO!

If it were first thing in the morning I may have abandoned ship after a slap like that but I took it out and tried again with the C fold and planned to revisit the "Punch-down" fold later.

I went to bed and wore a cloth pad as a backup since usually day 3 of my period is the heaviest.


Round 3 : Dreary eyed, lights on, and first thing in the morning...

I woke up at 5 am to the feeling of gushing and I went straight to the bathroom and figured the cup was full and boy was I right!

The pad was soaked and the cup literally runneth over! I have a history of my cycle erring on the heavy side and especially first thing in the morning on the heavy day. 
I was fresh up and out of bed so I probably wasn't at my mental peak.

Thank goodness for the ridged stem otherwise I may not have been able to get the cup out since the cup had definitely leaked out and things were a bit slippery. 

But yeah... I had a moment like you might imagine from a horror movie trying to take out my Diva Cup. Imagine that character that just touched their bleeding wound and then their hands are just covered in blood. Yup.... that was me. 

Then I remembered a video I had watched that mentioned "bearing down" to make the cup easier to get to (pushes the cup down towards the vaginal opening) and makes the cup easier to remove. That did the trick and I broke the seal grasped the ridges stem and emptied the overflowing cup. 

I was amazed at how viscose the blood was and how little I actually knew about my own body! At about consistency of room temperature vegetable oil, the blood easily dumped out and then there was a leftover coating mostly on the inside of the cup. I wiped it out with toilet paper just so I didn't trail anything from the toilet to the sink.  

I then tested out the Diva Wash and found out that it probably falls in line with that old saying from grade school: "A little dab will do ya" cause I had enough Diva wash gel to go around a few times. It cleans incredibly well and leaves no residue behind once fully washed.

When reinserting I tried the C fold again and was having difficulty. (Good morning 5am.)

I tried the punch down fold and still couldn't get the cup all the way back. I then realized that my uterus had shifted to the right side of my body (full bladder maybe to blame?) and my being right handed was having a really tough time angling the cup to get it all the way back. As soon as I tried again with my incompetent Left hand, it went in fine and I washed up and went back to my day. 

I was however pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to clean with just toilet paper or a cloth wipe which is great to know especially when in a public bathroom or another location if you can't get to a sink to wash your cup.


Round 4 : Light Day & Getting into a Diva Cup Groove
This was by far the easiest day to deal with the cup. After my super heavy day and feeling my flow slow down I tested how long I felt I could go before I needed to change. I believe it was about 12 hours and the cup still had plenty of room for more flow. So I washed and reinserted once more and had finally gotten the hang of both folds and inserting and making sure I found the right sweet spot where I didn't feel the cup and where I could (literally) enjoy jumping jacks with my daughter without fear of the cup shifting, moving or leaking!


Pros to the Diva Cup:  Diva Cup Picture

- Ridged Stem and Base (for easier grip & removal)
- High Quality, Durable Silicone (no fear of cup breaking/tearing)
- Easy to Clean
- Simple Design
- Short Stem - no trimming necessary
- Great beginner info included in and on the box

Cons to the Diva Cup:
- Difficult to Fold because of thickness/rigid
- Harder to Break Seal when removing due to thicker silicone

Diva Wash
The Diva Wash has a fresh citrus scent and was super easy to use. Just open, squeeze and wash. It has a thick consistency and a little goes a long way. It reminds me of a good shower gel with a light, fresh scent and absolutely no residue leftover once thoroughly washed and rinsed.

The bottle is nice and is great for traveling and it is definitely convenient to have such a versatile wash with you wherever you may go while on your period. 


It is also labeled for use as a face wash and after having a little facial break out I decided I would give it a try. My face felt so clean and not too dry like with some soaps and not too oily like some homemade sugar scrubs I have tried.



I am amazed at how little I knew about how viscous blood is and my body in general. When I learned about "Symptothermal" based methods for tracking fertility to achieve or avoid pregnancy. I learned so much and wondered why I hadn't learned about it sooner!

I feel similarly after trying the Diva Cup. Menstrual cups have been around for ages but they are just becoming more mainstream and available more places with the support and education about healthy sustainable periods. I am so thankful that I have learned and that I can now share with you all about my experiences and why I feel that you should try too!

Ditch the tampons. Disposable products are just awful for sustainability sake and take a huge environmental impact. Then there is your body and tampons absorb blood and fluids, are typically bleached, and run the risk for all kinds of complications like Toxic Shock Syndrome. Your body will thank you after you switch. No chemicals. No waste. 


Giveaway Time:

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We will select one lucky winner who will receive a complimentary Diva Cup and Diva Wash to try for yourself! Giveaway entries end Friday, October 28th 2016!

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GOOD LUCK & Cycle Happy! 


Allison Viores, Owner at The Natural Baby


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