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Limited Edition Prints from GroVia! June 27 2014

GroVia just announced their two new adorbale, limited edition prints! Have you seen?

We at The Natural Baby have fine tuned our senses and are ready to pounce for these adorable patterns from GroVia Cloth Diapers!

Meet Wild Animals and Up & Away which are only here for a limited time! Catch them while you can at The Natural Baby.

Which is your favorite GroVia pattern? 

A Little Diaper Lingo November 16 2011

I talk to a LOT of people about cloth diapering and the various systems available today. Fitted, pocket, all in one, hybrid, one size... What is the difference? Here is a basic explanation of some different styles I hope will help those of you that are still confused. And trust me - you are not alone if you are confused!

Prefolded DiapersLong considered the work-horse of the cloth diapering world,...