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4 Tips as we Prepare for Grovia Retailer Appreciation July 26 2017

GroVia Retailer Appreciation is coming back to The Natural Baby this August 1st, 2017!
Get your ducks in a row as this is a great time to stock up on all of your needed gear for diapering and potty learning plus maybe a little summer fun too!

For the full details be sure to check out our full information page but here are the highlights!

1. Sale

15% discount on all the GroVia gear PLUS a bonus sale on all skin care products from The Natural Baby line!

2. Swag

We will be giving away a handful of great items and may also have some tricks up our sleeves.... RSVP to our Facebook Event to get the latest updates regarding special offerings and flash giveaways!
Here are the items that we have already earmarked for giveaway. Be sure to read more about how to be entered for each of these:

  1. GroVia Wacky Duex Diaper
  1. $25 Gift Card to The Natural Baby
  1. EzPz Play Mat  

3. Shipping 

 Free Shipping is complimentary starting at orders of just $25 in the US. 

Have Questions? Just ask! 
We are here to help you and to make getting the gear you need as enjoyable and easy as possible!

With Love, 
The Natural Baby


Four Reasons to Love GroVia Unders : Review and Giveaway March 08 2017 8 Comments

 Welcome to the lineup at The Natural Baby, GroVia Unders which fit great and are so comfy. They just made their arrival Feb 27th and we have enjoyed our time to play and really get to know Unders this past month.

They are great for lounging around the house in and can be easily mixed and matched and used in layering. Here are our 4 reasons why you should try Unders and stay tuned for how to enter our giveaway after the review!

GroVia Unders Review and Giveaway

1. Fit

The Underwear and Tank is roomy and moderately sized. We have both kids pictured in our photography wearing 3T sets and both weigh around 32-35lbs.

My 4 yo daughter, Carolina, typically can wear 3-4T clothing and is slim and average height. Carolina could probably wear a 4T tank for length since she has been growing a lot vertically this year, but would probably not enjoy the extra room in a 4T underwear.

My 2 year old son, Atticus, typically wears 2T-3T clothing and is still a little shorter and wider. Atticus just fits in the 3T and since he is a pretty good candidate for the 3T size Unders tank and underwear.

GroVia Unders Cotton Underwear and Tanks

2. Feel

Both of my kids loved the way the cotton feels  and had no complaints about feel which is huge considering my 4yo has always been particular about fit, seams, and tags (& socks and shoes etc...)

Also, because of the leg area on the underwear, will not give wedgies easily which is nice for lounging around or lots of movement without shifting and becoming uncomfortable.

GroVia Unders PLay

3. Fun

In a world full of commercially sold characters and big name brands it is refreshing for a company to make an effort to deviate from this. This is the best reason why I as mom love Unders. Kids are so impressionable and I appreciate the approach of fun prints without commercial characters. Children have vivid imaginations without a character being plastered on your short or underwear.

My two year old, Atticus is pictured here wielding an imaginary shield and 4 year old Carolina has fist in the air and is about to fly off to save an animal in trouble no doubt! Our shirt and underwear don't have to define who or what we are and same for kids. We are cool just like this, letting imaginations run free and exploring the world around us.

GroVia Unders : Super Unders

We have a Dinos set and Surfboard set but truth be told in our house, Dinosaurs win, hands down.
My six year old daughter wishes she could join the fun in a pink set of Cupcakes in a size 7/8 ;)

GroVia Unders comfy & fun

4. Fearless

My 2yo Atticus is not yet interested in pottying regularly so this are in our toolbox and will make a great push into pottying when he is ready. He talks about underwear and often times asks to wear underwear because everyone else wears it but we talk about it often and emphasize that when he is ready to i.e. The "bear potty" then he can wear "big boy underwear".

Potty learning takes time but with him we aren't far enough along yet for him to get use out of underwear but the tanks being sold separately helps since he is t ready for his "big boy underwear" yet.

I recommend Unders once your child is confident with potty training and they have learned how to use the toilet, as there is no waterproofing in Unders underwear. They are super easy to pull up and down by your toddler and may even help make the push to potty because of the fun prints!


GroVia Unders are unlike anything on the market today and will be a comfortable addition to your child's underwear drawer. At $13.95 a pair you can decide which pieces and parts you need and how and when to incorporate them.

I personally can now buy with confidence, knowing that my kids will enjoy wearing them and that they will last long enough to be enjoyed as compared to the cheap underwear we have tried with so many complaints, poor fit, and poor workmanship.


GroVia Unders giveaway from The Natural Baby


How to enter our Giveaway:

  1. Comment below and
    a. tell us how you found our post/ who tagged you to send you here! 
    b. tell us your plans for potty learning or your former success and progress with potty learning your toddlers for a chance to win a set of Unders from The Natural Baby in the size of your choice!
  2. Share this Blog post with your village and your community of "baby people".

Deadline for entries is Tuesday March 13th at midnight. Winners will be drawn at random and be announced here, on our facebook, page and contacted by email about how to claim your prize.



Countdown to GroVia Calico and Tex November 03 2016 6 Comments

Ok guys and gals, it is the end of Thursday and we are T-minus 3 days and a few hours until GroVia Tex and Calico launch on Monday November 7th!

GroVia Tex and Calico

In honor of this awesome release and these two new prints, we are giving away two awesome bandana bibs as prizes and the perfect partner with your GroVia Tex or Calico!
These beautiful flour sack towel inspired prints are the perfect pairing for your GroVia cloth diapers and are made from 100 % cotton and have two size settings and while they are adorable they will most definitely catch drools and dribbles too! 

GroVia Giveaway Tex and Calico


*********************To Enter:****************

Comment below and tell us :
1. What your GroVia diaper style of choice is,
2. Which print you will be adding to your collection on Monday,
3. Then *Share* this giveaway opportunity with your GroVia and Cloth Diapering friends!

Winners will be drawn randomly and announced at release time

(Monday, Nov 7th)
So check your emails and be sure to sign up for our GroVia specific newsletter for all the fun and giveaways for all things GroVia!


**** UPDATE****** 
Winners have been randomly drawn and first up 
1. Calico Bib goes to  Brandon!
2. Tex Bib goes to Amber!

Check your emails for more information about how to claim your prizes! 

Also to join our GroVia specific newsletter please sign up for our e-newsletter at the link below :

Smart Bottoms Now Available at The Natural Baby & Giveaway! April 30 2015 37 Comments

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