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2016 Holiday Gift Guide December 15 2016


Natural Baby HOliday Gift Guide

Gift giving around the holidays is one way to show others we care. Whether you give time with loved ones, handmade items or a thoughtful gift you can show others how yo love and care for them. 

The holiday season is one of the best and most popular times to give and receive gifts other than the day of ones birth and there are always so many new parents looking to start new traditions and excitement as they begin to start their own family and their own traditions. 

Here is our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide full of gift ideas that are sure to nurture your family, the environment and the lifestyle and choices you hold important. Many of these great giftable items will make great heirloom baby gifts and are sure to last though a generation of tots!

Holiday Shopping is coming to a close! If you want to ensure your gift is receive in time for Christmas please finalize your orders before December 20th!


Clover & Birch

Clover & Birch Deer Teether and Clover & Birch Fox Teether

These two teether are quite adorable don't you agree? We can barely keep these on our shelves and your little teething babe will feel the same way about them both. These irresistible wooden teethers make great gifts for baby as once they are finished gnawing and chewing on these safe maple wooden teethers they can be used for play. Start your woodland collection just in time for baby's first Christmas and holiday gift giving!

Clover & Birch Wooden Deer Teether Clover & birch Fox Wooden Teether

Clover & Birch Busy Bags - These busy bags are a great gift and make even greater surprises for traveling by plane or road trips with young children. Each piece is sized appropriately for young hands and are made from all natural wooden and finished with organic coconut oil so you don't have to worry about what your child may accidentally put in his or her mouth (as much!)  The bowl and scoop are a definite crowd favorite and the peg dolls have often been spotted having tea at their cube cafe table underneath a rainbow umbrella! Let your little one's imagination flourish with this open ended play set from Clover & Birch.

Clover & BIrch Busy Bag Set, Peg Doll, Teether, Bowl Scoop waldorf

Clover & Birch Wooden Peg Sorting Board - this may be one of our favorite open ended play items. The pegs are perfect for practicing fine motor skills in infants, practicing building, stacking, & knocking over for older infants and toddlers and grouping and organizing for older toddler and young children. The minimalist approach to this toy is sure to keep these peg cylinders in active rotation for bridge building and so much more for years to come.  

The adorable Waldorf Kindness Elves pictured are also a sneak appearance from Mia La's Etsy Shop.

Clover & Birch Wooden Peg Sorting Board

Clover & Birch Balance Board - Perfect for balance, gross motor skills and plenty of open ended imaginary play this board is great for children of all ages but especially children over age 1 who are walking and exploring. 

Clover & Birch Balance Board  Clover & birch Balance Board



Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles- Glass Bottles are the ultimate is safe drinking. There is no need to worry about baby bottles with plastics, BPA, phlathlates, leeched chemicals, nutrient leeching into bottle, and hand washing baby bottles anymore. The Lifefactory glass is so durable it is resistant to breakage (we have thoroughly tested this concept on many surface included pavement, gravel and asphalt) and the bottles are lined with a colorful silicone sleeve for easy gripping and extra shock absorber. All parts are dishwasher safe and no need to remove silicone for dishwashing. 

Lifefactory Glass BottleLifefactory Sippy Cup Cap

Lifefactory Sippy Caps - Convert your Lifefactory Glass Bottle into a starter sippy cup for your little one and don't fret about leaks. The silicone seal prevents leaks while your little one figures out how to transition from bottle to cup with these ingenious sippy caps that grow with baby and fit all of your Lifefactory Baby Bottles!


Aden & Anais

Aden + Anais Cuddly Companion - These super soft cuddling buddies are the perfect generous size for young kids to simply adore for years to come. Each Cuddly Companion comes with a coordinating swaddle blanket that will also surely be enjoyed past baby's swaddling days as a cape, a tent, or any numerous other outlets for play. 

ADen + Anais Cuddly Companion Lion ADen + Anais Cuddly Companion Owl ADen + Anais Cuddly Companion Monkey ADen + Anais Cuddly Companion Giraffe

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets - There is something about muslin and the softness it provides and the breathability make for a lightweight yet cozy addition to any nursery or layette collection. 


Aden + Anais Bandana Bibs - Aden + Anais muslin cotton bandana bibs are the perfect gift for babies who may be messy dribblers when they eat or just extra drool-y due to teething. The Bandana Bibs work great to not only compliment to baby's clothing & style but functionally helps to prevent extra clothing changes and staining due to food, drool, and spit up. These special bandana bibs are a collaboration set with Tea Collection clothing and are sure to add a little pizzaz to baby's wardrobe.


Tula Baby

Tula Blanket Sets - Tula Baby Blankets are made from the softest viscose bamboo and have the most luxurious drape and feel of any blanket I have ever felt. They have the adorable prints and patterns to coordinate with many Tula Carriers or just your style. The prints are fun and cheerful and come in sets of 3 with coordinating solids and 1 printed blanket.

Tula Blanket Set, saguaroTula Blanket Set, FairbanksTula Blanket Set, Hipster

Tula Baby Carriers - A soft-structured carrier is a great gift for baby but also for caregivers. Whether you are hiking scenic views or just in the daily routine Tula Soft Structured Carriers are designed for the ultimate in convenience, comfort, and style while baby feels cozy and secure nestled next to their caregiver. 

Tula Mini Baby Doll Carrier - A while you are at it, your toddler is just itching to wear his or her baby too, so the Tula Mini Doll Carrier is a great addition for your natural toddler and child. Make babywearing a family tradition and wear all the babies! 

Tula Cacti Standard Baby Carrier  Tula Mini Doll Carrier Tula Mini Doll Carrier


Aura Cacia

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil 
 - talk about peace and calm and chamomile is the greatest gift I can imagine with all of its calming properties and all bottled and concentrated for long term use. Dilute as needed or diffuse whenever you or baby need to stop and calm down from the hustle of daily life or the inflammation from teething. 

Lavender Foaming Bath 
- whether a packet for a special bath or a whole jar for bubbling lavender baths all the time this foaming bath is a recipe for silky soft skin and a super calmed baby (or bather)

The Natural Baby

The Natural Baby Skin Salve
- great salve for sensitive skin, diaper rashes and perfect for eczema sufferers this salve has a mildly sweet but earthy aroma to it and has healing properties of neem oil. This salve is perfect for use after bath and towel drying and is rich with jojoba, shea, lavender, tea tree, neem and sweet almond oil to nourish and moisturize your skin. 

The Natural Baby Skin Salve


Thirsties Outdoor Adventure Collection - You and your natural baby love the outdoors so why not show it? and what better way than on your totally natural, reusable, zero waste and Made in the USA diapers? Thirsties has a variety of diapering fabrics and styles and accessories to meet your needs & budget plus all the adorable colors and prints you are sure to love to give and receive!

Thirsties Outdoor ADventure Collection & Holiday PRints Winter Woods and Scarlet



Tula Blanket Review December 09 2016

Tula Blanket Sets

We have waited a while for production to keep up with demand so we could help you out and be able to score some awesome bamboo, silky soft Tula Baby Blanket Sets!

"What is a Tula Blanket?" you say... "How does the Tula Blanket compare to other swaddles?"  "Where can I find Tula Blankets?" 

What is a Tula Blanket?

A Tula Blanket is a 47 x47 inch bamboo blanket that is woven into different patterns with different colors, textures and prints on them. Tula Blankets come in sets of 3 with a cotton storage bag and make great gifts for baby showers, blessingways, birthdays, or holidays. With how soft and silky these blankets are and how beautifully they drape, the recipient of these blankets is sure to love them for many years to come!

Sets typically contain two solid colors, typically bold but sometimes whimsical or dainty, and always include one headliner printed blanket. All three blankets have a jacquard weave in fun patterns and coordinate with the theme of the set.

Saguaro Solids:

Saguaro Saguaro Green  

Fairbanks Solids:

Fairbanks River Blue Bear Fairbanks Olive Green Pine Tree

Why Tula Blankets?

Other popular brands of swaddling blankets like Aden and Anais and numerous others are typically made from either cotton, rayon from bamboo, or organic cotton and are a looser weave of fabric called muslin. If you have ever felt gauze before it is very similar in look but the muslin used in the boutique blankets are much higher quality, more tightly woven, and have a higher thread count compared to your standard bandage or Gerber Birdseye Prefold.

The Aden + Anais Bamboo Swaddle Blankets are very comparable to Tula Blankets but Tula Blankets are a bit softer, a smidge larger, less likely to pick or pull, and have a whole different style when it comes to print options.

Finding Tula Blankets?

Here is a glimpse at our latest shipments of Tula Blanket Sets and see for yourself some of the soft & snuggly that could be headed your way! Prints are limited so once a print is gone it is likely not to return. So if you see one that speaks to you, your lifestyle, personal interests, or hobbies- snag it up! 

Saguaro Tula Blanket Set:

Tula Blanket Set Saguaro Tula Saguaro Cactus Succulent Cacti

Fairbanks Tula Blanket Set:

Tula Blanket Set Fairbanks Tula Blanket Fairbanks Set

Hipster Tula Blanket Set:

Hipster Tula Blanket Set Tula Blanket Hipster Print Mustache, Bowtie, Deer, Bicycle


You can find Tula Blankets directly from our website, or from other Tula Retailers.

***REMEMBER*** When you choose to shop small you are not only getting that awesomely soft and silky feeling Tula Blanket but you are also supporting small and local economies, providing local jobs and resources, typically better and more personal customer services as well as a smaller overall business and a closer more intimate sense of community. 
Read more about the top reasons why you should be shopping small and local from

New Product Releases: Thirsties, bumGenius, GroVia, ErgoBaby & More! November 05 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year... No. It's not your favorite holiday yet, it is post-ABCkids Expo. The time of the year when all of your favorite cloth diaper and baby brands debut their latest designs and product releases! (it might just make your head spin!)

Here is our TOP 10 LIST of products we CANNOT WAIT to stock our shelves with for our eager families! :)

1. Planet Wise New Prints: