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2016 Athens, GA Rally August 09 2016

Improving Birth Athens

Save the Date : Labor Day 2016

The Improving Birth Athens Georgia Rally is back and we hope it is bigger and better than ever this year!

Join us as we Rally to Improve Birth and maternity care and outcomes! All pregnant and birthing women deserve a high level of evidence-based care, safety for themselves and for babies, and ultimate respect when it comes to making informed choices and consenting to decisions made about their birth.

Maybe you had a great birthing outcome? Maybe you are longing for a different experience? No matter your specific experiences it is very hard to deny the fact:  we can do better!

Once birth is over you cannot go back and change the circumstances. So many times women are left feeling remorse or regret or even worse feel they have been victims of bullying and abuse in their moments of most need. 

If you are someone who feels they may have had their rights violated or a traumatic birth experience has resources that you may find helpful

Check out their sections on: 
"VBAC & Induction Facts" 
"Filling a Complaint"
"Traumatic Birth Toolkit"

Join us for the 2016 Rally to Improve Birth & find out how you can get involved in Athens!

1. Athens, GA Facebook Page

2. Sell your stuff at our Labor Day Community Market, yard sale for families and expo for businesses.
Sign up on our Google Form to reserve your sellers space!

3. Then Rally to Improve Birth! Hold your sign high to increase awareness, and be an advocate for improved care for women, babies, and families everywhere!

Themes for this year include Access to VBAC, and evidence based birth options, informed consent and refusal, (general respect overall) in all aspects of maternity care for all women, everywhere!

Georgia Tax Holiday 2016 July 27 2016

Hey there Georgia Parents,
The time of year has come again for back-to-school shopping and also the time for Sales Tax Holiday in Georgia!

If you are looking for a great deal on some reusable cloth diapers for your child now is a great chance to do just that.

Here is the full list of everything that might be included for your needs:
2016 Georgia Tax Holiday

Here are the specific categories you can stock up on this weekend at The Natural Baby:

- diapers (reusable and disposable including covers)
- swim gear
- nursing bras and tops
- baby receiving blankets
- baby clothes
- leg warmers
- shirts & clothing

We hope you can join us this weekend and as always please let me know how we can meet your needs best!

~The Natural Baby Team

Georgia Lactation Consultant Practice Act January 27 2016

Georgia law makers attempting to capitalize on lactation professionals? What is going on in the Georgia House?

Breastfeeding in Public : Alyssa Milano's Address January 08 2016

Wendy Williams Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano People MagazineBreastfeeding in public has been a hot topic lately and both arguing sides tend to feel very strongly. From stories of mothers shamed for feeding their babies at restaurant tables to mothers feeding their babies at a park while keeping an eye on a playing toddler.
Notably one of the biggest public figures (as of late) and advocates for breastfeeding is Alyssa Milano.

Actress and mother of two, Alyssa Milano has been no stranger to the topic and negativity surrounding her displays of breastfeeding her children on social media. When she appeared on the Wendy Williams show this week. Luckily Milano was confident in her actions, and handled opposing views with grace.




IAlyssa Milano Wonder Womanf you should find yourself stuck, and trying to figure out what is best for you.:
"Should I nurse my baby here or should I go someplace else? Should I use a cover or not?"
Here are some resources that you may find helpful. No matter which decision you choose to make, arm yourself with some facts and local ordinances/laws to ease your fears.  

Here is a very helpful article from La Leche Legue International explains in detail how the media plays a role in portrayal of breastfeeding and how to equip yourself for nourishing your child wherever is safe and convenient for you and your child. 

"Surveys have revealed that far too many women are uncomfortable at the thought of nursing their baby in public and that this discomfort is a common cause for disruption of the breastfeeding relationship" (Granju 1999)


Here is what Georgia Code says about a woman's right to breastfeed in public

Georgia Code – Health – Title 31, Section 31-1-9

The breast-feeding of a baby is an important and basic act of nurture which should be encouraged in the interests of maternal and child health. A mother may breast-feed her baby in any location where the mother and baby are otherwise authorized to be.


Search for your state regulations here.

See the full clip from Wendy Williams show where Alyssa Milano defends her public displays of breastfeeding and talks about breastfeeding and loosing postpartum "baby weight."


What do you think? Why do you think people are offended when they see a nipple in a way that isn't sexually oriented? Have you been publicly reprimanded for nursing in public?

Tula Baby Carriers Come to Georgia: Now Available at The Natural Baby! September 11 2015

Tula Carriers in Georgia: Atlanta, Athens and Online!

Help Us Welcome our Newest Babywearing Brand:

TULA Baby!

We have been waiting quite some time to offer this selection and we couldn't be happier that Tula has arrived in Georgia! 

We have had our first stocking and will be adding to our inventory but we would love to know you favorites and DISO! (dire in search of's)!

Whether you are looking for a great Standard Tula for your littlest squish, or a Toddle Soft Structured Carrier for your larger/older baby/toddler we've got you covered. 

But did you know that Tula also has wonderful woven selections in all cotton and cotton/Tencel blends?!

- Wovens

- Ring Slings 

- Wrap Conversion Soft Structured Carriers

    These latest print releases we hope to catch soon in Standard and Toddler Soft Structured Carriers

              Fawn & Puppy Love

    Tula FawnTula Puppy Love       

    and  Tula Wovens in  Migaloo: Happy (Tencel/Cotton Blend) and Splendor : Blush (100% cotton)

    Migaloo HappySplendor Blush 

    Which are your favorites??? We are just tickled pink about this new addition & we would love to heat what you think!

    Comment below which styles and prints you love or have been searching for and we will draw one winner to receive a FREE pair of TULA "Droolas".

    Contest Ends September 18th at 10pm Eastern Time.