The Natural Baby

The Bedtime Ritual July 21 2014

It is now, as I sit at my laptop at 11:08pm that I find myself with a laptop in one hand and a wired toddler, awake in the other: playing a game and totally fighting sleep.

I wonder if the urge to fight sleep and going to bed stems across all children, especially during those spurts of growth and activity where their tiny brains cant fight with that little bit of sleepy dopamine trying to help them...

Top 10 Baby Products for New Parents September 13 2013

In today's overloaded world it can be very challenging for new parents to know what is an essential item for the journey they are about to embark upon! 

As I loaded my vehicle down this week, (after 2 moves with in 6 months) preparing to sell off most of my baby gear, I realized that I in the past three years & two rounds of babies, my inner minimalist finally realized how much stuff we aquired...