The Natural Baby

Update on Baby-Led Weaning @ 21 months June 01 2014

I am so happy to say, we finally have a good eater on our hands! She is much happier now that she is finally totally independent in her eating! HOORAY!

Her most shining moment happened just this week. One morning, 21 month old Carolina woke
The "Lounging" :)
up, pottied, and then immediately led me to the kitchen wanting an "app". Not even sure if we had any apples, I find one in the back of the...

Do You Baby-Led Wean? : Part 1 : Baby Steps with Solid Foods March 11 2014

Maybe you've heard the latest new trend in feeding your baby and possibly you haven't yet. I'll save most of the details into the origins of Baby Led Weaning for later.

I want to first share my experiences with feeding our two children as they have grown. For reference, they are now 3 1/2 and 18 months.

The Nursling and I
We navigated our way to baby-led weaning methods partly by accident with our...