Preventing Dog Bites & Holidays Tips December 21 2016

The Natural Baby Dogs & Family Event

We have been in a maximum planning mode lately as we approach Christmas and the New Year! One of the most exciting things we have been planning for a while is a collaboration with Tina Spring from Sit Happens.

We are hosting a light and informal Q&A Session February 1st at 6pm to field all of your Dogs + Family from baby, toddler and older kids too. Not only will we be hosting Tina in our Athens Georgia store but we will be broadcasting on Facebook Live as well so you can join us and learn more and ask your own questions even if you cant make it in person!

Join us on our Facebook event to join the fun and get all the details!

If you remember our story far enough back our intern Khira (Meet The Intern) worked very closely with Tina for many years and a few years later Tina and I finally had a face to face to set something up! So without any further adieu, let me introduce you to Tina Spring and give a little snippet about why we are so excited to be hosting this event in February!

About Tina:
- Tina is a Mom, Grandmother to three grandchildren, and has three dogs of her own.
- Tina started training dogs for 37 years ahas trained, taught and shown all kinds of dogs. Her love of dogs and love of teaching led her to working with dogs and families. - Tina's specialty is in fear and aggression and provides many different safety & prevention programs and some really great programs for Doggone Safe and Storks and Babies, Storks and Toddlers and Family Paws Parent Education. 
- Tina is also a published author and her first book entitled, “90 Days to the Perfect Puppy” has received rave reviews by professionals in the field and families alike.

Tips for the Holidays & Preventing Dog Bites:
Here are some great quick tips from DogGone Safe about how to think about your pet first this holiday season to keep everyone in your family happy and safe.


If you are hoping to learn more check out the webinar from Doggone Safe and specific tips on how you can ease stress on your children and dogs during the holidays!

Here are some helpful links to learn more: