New bumGenius Elemental Review October 29 2016 7 Comments

We hope you are enjoying fall in your neck of the woods and gearing up for all the fall festivities.
Here at The Natural Baby we are smitten over the new bumGenius Elemental today and have finally had a chance to prep and use the new 3.0 Elemental on our still-in-diapers baby (aka toddler who is about 22 months old).

Here is a basic introduction to the New bumGenius Elemental for those who may have never tried it before:

- All in One cloth diaper (super easy to use and wash)
- One Size design (fits from about 8 lbs to 35+ lbs)
- all Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton inside
- durable and water resistant polyester PUL outer
- gentle proprietary elastic special made for bumGenius cloth diapers 
- easier access built into design, to elastics when change is necessary
- less PUL touching baby's delicate skin
- increased absorbency (same number of layers of fabric total (6) but a slightly larger imprint/footprint as compared to 2.0)
- durable plastic snaps sure to last the test of time

Our personal experience with the New 3.0 design Elemental and design tweaks:
- increased absorbency (compared to 2.0)
- improved fit with new elastics
- gentler fit around legs with hidden seam

Our 2.0 Elementals have had so much love... and by love, I mean abuse. Literally.
My current Elementals in our rotation are so well loved they were beginning to show some serious signs of wear. They still perform well enough to stay in our minimalist cloth diaper stash (about 30 diapers total and about 40% of that is of bumGenius Elementals (2.0 version)).

The exposed PUL on our 2.0s show definite signs of wear, since I would often find the diaper had flipped inside out in the wash, and PUL was on the outside and cotton would flip to the "inside". This created a good bit of friction directly on the PUL.
My 1.0 version Elemental had MAJOR edge-wear from the cotton directly on the seam and from the sewn insert directly on the cotton liner so that wasn't good either. 

My projections from the newest 3.0 design is that is will wear down much slower. I can imagine that this diaper will be less likely to flip around in the wash and hence show less direct wear on the elastics and PUL. 

Top 3 reasons to try the NEW bumGenius Elemental:
1. increased longevity
2. improved absorbency (surface area and configuration)
3. improved fit (elastics, casing, & cotton inner)

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Simply comment below and tell us where you stand with cloth diapers, if you have ever tried any cloth diapers, and specific experiences you have had with former Elemental designs!

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