Countdown to GroVia Calico and Tex November 03 2016 6 Comments

Ok guys and gals, it is the end of Thursday and we are T-minus 3 days and a few hours until GroVia Tex and Calico launch on Monday November 7th!

GroVia Tex and Calico

In honor of this awesome release and these two new prints, we are giving away two awesome bandana bibs as prizes and the perfect partner with your GroVia Tex or Calico!
These beautiful flour sack towel inspired prints are the perfect pairing for your GroVia cloth diapers and are made from 100 % cotton and have two size settings and while they are adorable they will most definitely catch drools and dribbles too! 

GroVia Giveaway Tex and Calico


*********************To Enter:****************

Comment below and tell us :
1. What your GroVia diaper style of choice is,
2. Which print you will be adding to your collection on Monday,
3. Then *Share* this giveaway opportunity with your GroVia and Cloth Diapering friends!

Winners will be drawn randomly and announced at release time

(Monday, Nov 7th)
So check your emails and be sure to sign up for our GroVia specific newsletter for all the fun and giveaways for all things GroVia!


**** UPDATE****** 
Winners have been randomly drawn and first up 
1. Calico Bib goes to  Brandon!
2. Tex Bib goes to Amber!

Check your emails for more information about how to claim your prizes! 

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