How to Make an Awful Day a Better in 4 Simple Steps November 03 2015

After Halloween and lots of candy/sugar overloading I figured this may be an appropriate time to share an open letter I wrote to myself after a very discouraging day a while back. Maybe it will help you and remind you of how to get out of a funk.


Step One: VENT. In Whatever Fashion You Can. 
Feeling heard is huge. While I wouldn't advise yelling at your kids, communication and being heard is why we want to yell sometimes. Communicating your feelings and what went wrong helps you feel better. 

Open Letter to Myself after an awful day:

Today was awful. I screamed and yelled and threatened. Today I was a bad mom.

Today was the day that, despite best efforts during the week, sugar detoxing happened, busy week with no breaks happened.

With plenty of changes to our routine, low preparations, a long to-do list, and no room left in my pregnant, mom-brain.

Tempers were hot and there was plenty of whining, crying and shouting across the board.

I am appalled at myself for letting it get this far. I am beyond saddened at myself mostly and now I just need a break to recover myself.

I blame me. (& the sugar didn't help, neither did the processed food, & neither did being in the car & neither did being trapped/quarantined in a small space for many hours)

I suck today. I sucked yesterday, I suck everyday. My kids are a representation of my sucki-ness and overloaded self. 

For now, the crayons and play dough are hidden and I plan to take a night and reflect and chill out (like I have been asking the kids to do all week.)


Step Two: Apologize. To whomever you have been nasty to. 

Apologizing is hard for me too but just do it so that everyone is on the same page.

The first step to overcoming an addition is admitting you have a problem.
The first steps to moving past something upsetting is letting out feelings and emotions (catharsis) and then apologizing to those you have hurt.


Step Three: Go To Your Happy Place. Change your State of Mind.

Go to your favorite place. think happy thoughts. call your favorite people. Self care is important when you have been stressed, overwhelmed and under loved. 
Take a bath. Close your eyes. Meditate. Pray. Diffuse essential oils. Exercise. 


Step Four: Move on to a Better Thing. Do something Else!
Children are easily distracted and can move on quickly once there is some resolution. Do something fun or out of the ordinary for them. Go outside. Pull out the markers or play dough. 



These may be simple steps but they may not be EASY. 
Apologizing can be one of the most difficult things to do. It requires taking a position of vulnerability, Admitting guilt, and more... making communication happen. 

This can be difficult especially when we are in primal mode and adrenaline and emotions are high.

I hope you can overcome and move to a happier place with your family. 

Optimistically Yours, 

We would love to open a forum to share with others in your times of vulnerability. Sometimes being a parent is the toughest, especially if you feel alone.
What helps you to work out your feelings, emotions, anger, and frustrations? Who is on your emotional support team?