2016 ImprovingBirth.org Athens, GA Rally August 09 2016

Improving Birth Athens

Save the Date : Labor Day 2016

The Improving Birth Athens Georgia Rally is back and we hope it is bigger and better than ever this year!

Join us as we Rally to Improve Birth and maternity care and outcomes! All pregnant and birthing women deserve a high level of evidence-based care, safety for themselves and for babies, and ultimate respect when it comes to making informed choices and consenting to decisions made about their birth.

Maybe you had a great birthing outcome? Maybe you are longing for a different experience? No matter your specific experiences it is very hard to deny the fact:  we can do better!

Once birth is over you cannot go back and change the circumstances. So many times women are left feeling remorse or regret or even worse feel they have been victims of bullying and abuse in their moments of most need. 

If you are someone who feels they may have had their rights violated or a traumatic birth experience ImprovingBirth.org has resources that you may find helpful

Check out their sections on: 
"VBAC & Induction Facts" 
"Filling a Complaint"
"Traumatic Birth Toolkit"

Join us for the 2016 Rally to Improve Birth & find out how you can get involved in Athens!

1. Athens, GA ImprovingBirth.org Facebook Page

2. Sell your stuff at our Labor Day Community Market, yard sale for families and expo for businesses.
Sign up on our Google Form to reserve your sellers space!

3. Then Rally to Improve Birth! Hold your sign high to increase awareness, and be an advocate for improved care for women, babies, and families everywhere!

Themes for this year include Access to VBAC, and evidence based birth options, informed consent and refusal, (general respect overall) in all aspects of maternity care for all women, everywhere!