After the First Day June 06 2009

Tripp and I worked many, many hours this week - some nights until after midnight - but I think it was all worth it to open in time for Watkinsville's First Friday on Main. The weather was iffy all day, but the rain held off and after 6:30 or so there were hundreds of kids up and down Main Street! We had a few visitors early in the day, but the traffic picked up markedly once the event got going. We got to talk to some people about different cloth diapering systems and everyone seemed excited about starting up the classes as soon as possible! It was neat to meet so many great people and families in the area - Watkinsville has a wonderful small town feel and we just love it! We were made to feel so welcome last night - we couldn't be happier to be opening a new business in this family-friendly town! Click here to check out some photos of the store on our first day in business.